Stephen Bolognese

617 747-2932

"One of my favorite metal bands needed a drummer, I had an audition scheduled, and a tour brought them to Massachusetts with their original drummer finishing his last tour. So I sat down with him to ask about really specific drum parts that I had questions on. We were in a pizza shop and I was just playing licks on the table. I learned every song off of every album and then went up to Canada and did a three-day audition, got the gig, and next thing I know we're all over the world touring with huge metal bands like Dream Theater and Megadeth."

"I usually try to practice about six or seven hours a day. That's what I've been accustomed to, because for about eight or nine years I've been practicing next to two guys who were Berklee grads. They are the ones who showed me that it was essential to practice as much as possible. Playing metal for me is a little more physical than other styles. I find that a little speed workout really gets your body to loosen up, like going to the gym. I play for about a half hour, then I stretch out so my muscles feel relaxed. I tend to have an agenda written down before I practice, so that I know what I am trying to work on. That could be anything from sight-reading, chart-reading, styles, double bass, left hand, etc. That's what I was taught: be dedicated, organized, and a hard worker."

"My teaching style tends to blend tradition and innovation. Paramount in my method is development of the proper fundamentals—the building blocks—because we don't want to build that house without a solid foundation. It takes a lot of time and work, and I think a lot of kids can lose their interest when they're young, because it is hard, and they might not see the big picture. I try to get them to get through this tough time so they can see how cool it is."

Career Highlights
  • Drummer
  • Former member of progressive metal band Into Eternity
  • Recordings include The Incurable Tragedy
  • Performances with bands on record labels Roadrunner, Metal Blade, and Century Media Records