Music Education

 Declaring the Music Education Major: 

  1. Declarations are by walk-in with the department coordinator in 22 Fenway, Room 318.
  2. Declarations take place between the week prior to online registration and the first week of the new semester.

The Music Education Department offers you the opportunity to combine your musical talents with the skills necessary to teach music in a variety of ways, including as a K-12 music teacher, a private instructor, and/or an ensemble conductor. For music education majors, the department coordinates student teaching placements and assists in the evaluation process for Massachusetts Department of Education teaching certification.

Music Education Facilities and Resources

The Music Education Department has full use of the Professional Education Division Technology Lab, a 22-workstation classroom and laboratory equipped with a variety of music and multimedia-related software for music education students to learn and experiment with the latest technology available for music instruction.

Public Accreditation and Certification Documents

Massachusetts Department of Education regulations require that college teacher preparation programs undergo a thorough program approval process conducted by a visiting team from the department every five years in order to remain in good standing. Berklee College of Music recently completed this process for the next five-year interval and received its letter of approval from the commissioner of education. The following are all of the documents related to this process:

For Further Information...

For further information about the Music Education Department, please email or call 617 747-2425.