Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship

160 Mass Ave.

Creativity and innovative thinking are fast becoming the most valuable assets for professionals who wish to excel in today’s competitive business environment. Such skills are particularly critical in the music industry, where new technologies and ideas compel constant change in the ways music is developed, marketed, and distributed. These trends are at the core of Berklee’s just-launched Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (ICE), an initiative designed to inspire, educate, and launch the next generation of creative entrepreneurs.

BerkleeICE Goals

  • Prepare Berklee graduates for careers as entrepreneurs in the new music business
  • Foster the creation of new products, services, and businesses driving the changes in the creative industries of tomorrow
  • Inspire the advancement of disruptive ideas through the application of musical creativity and cross-discipline collaboration  

Components of BerkleeICE

Learn. Students are immersed in entrepreneurial practices through an online and on-campus curriculum that includes courses in creative industry and business fundamentals; use of relevant case studies; internships in industry-leading startups; and guest lectures by successful innovators and creative entrepreneurs.

Research. The research lab of BerkleeICE seeks to find inspired answers to questions that radically advance the state of contemporary music and its commercial and social applications. This is achieved through cross-discipline collaboration between students, faculty, and alumni across the Berklee network and campuses; partnerships with other leading academic institutions; and by fusing the newest ideas from creative, technology, and business sectors.

Accelerate. The BerkleeICE Tempo Accelerator is a jam room for new business, product, and service ideas emerging from the Berklee community and ICE research lab. Creative entrepreneurs are paired with a network of mentors, resources, and entrepreneurs-in-residence and given access to shared space and funding sources to help bring to reality new commercial and social musical ideas.

Network. Created by Berklee and Midem, the Rethink Music Conference brings together the brightest minds and industry leaders to reimagine the future of the music industry. Rethink Music offers a stage for the Berklee community to observe, listen, question, and network with some of the most formidable thinkers in the music industry and creative world at large.