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Berklee Beat

The New Academic Year Begins

By Mark Small

Just as August gave way to September, the 1,100 members of the class of 2016 arrived in Boston for the start of a new academic year. This year’s convocation offered respite for the entering students and their parents from moving suitcases, instruments, and more into dorms during the heat of the...

Breaking Music Stereotypes

During the 2004 commencement exercises, comedian Bill Cosby was among the honorees. His address to the audience spoofed on the idea that Berklee is not noted for turning out star athletes. Cosby wore a custom-made Berklee football team shirt inscribed, “Undefeated since 1945.” His gag continued...

Larry Monroe Retires

By Mark Small

After 42 years of service at Berklee, Larry Monroe retired in August. During his tenure at the college. he served in numerous capacities. He started out teaching classes in arranging, ear training, ensemble, and more during his final semesters as a Berklee student. He was later tapped to head...

Six New Chairs Appointed

Lawrence Simpson, the senior vice president for academic affairs/provost, has announced the appointment of six new department chairs.

Steve Bailey was named the chair of Berklee’s Bass Department. A six-string fretless bass pioneer, educator, and author, Bailey assumed his new role this...

Picking Up the Tempo in Valencia

On September 17, Berklee College of Music president Roger H. Brown gave the welcome speech at the college’s new campus in Valencia, Spain. The event marked the launch of Berklee’s first-ever master’s degree offerings in Contemporary Performance; Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games; and...

Expert Testimony

Expert Testimony - Given by concert production manager Mike Marchetti to Mark Small

By Mark Small

“I don’t have any fun; it’s all work,” Mike Marchetti ’84 tells me while flashing a Cheshire-cat grin. Considering his pressure-filled career as a production manager for some 100 concerts, theater productions, and events brought to Boston annually by Don Law Company and Live Nation, the...

Regional Spotlights

Trombone Legend Dick Nash: An Appreciation

By Peter Gordon

The history of Berklee College of Music began in 1945, when founder Lawrence Berk opened the college’s predecessor, Schillinger House. It was the first American school to teach jazz, the popular music of the day.

During those early years, the typical student was a young professional who...

Nashville Notes

By David Petrelli

July 2012 was Nashville’s hottest month ever recorded. Now, I’m no meteorologist, but I’d bet that some of our local alumni are partly to blame for the summer heat wave, because they have been on fire!

Berklee’s Nashville alumni chapter continued to foster our relationship with the...

L.A. Newsbriefs

By Justine Taormino

As always, our L.A.-based alumni have been busy in all quarters of the music industry. Here’s a rundown of what a few have been working on.

Composer Matthias Weber ’91 was nominated in the Best Music category at the 2012 Austrian Academy Awards for his score to Wolfgang...

Alumni Beat

By Karen Bell

Last summer, Berklee marked a few milestones and connections with alumni who participated in the Berklee City Music and Five-Week Summer Performance programs. Members of the college and larger Boston community were treated to concerts and clinics by returning alumni with words and music to share...


Coda: Journey to the Center of the Self

By Adam Renn Olenn

As a writer and a musician, I often find myself interested in the spaces between things, those inshore waters that are neither marsh nor open sea but that share aspects of both. During my childhood, I retreated into literature, enjoying the escape of great works and the freedom and authority of...

Lead Sheet

Sharing Berklee's Past, Present, and Future

by Mark Small

Since its early days, Berklee has embraced and even pushed the boundaries of technologies for musical creation, education, and getting the word out about the college.

Global Groove

Global Groove

by Jason Camelio

Toward the end of day one of the“Art of Improvisation: Blues and Jazz” program offered at the Berklee Valencia program this summer, two young women started a discussion with Berklee’s A

Faculty Highlights

Ron Savage remembers the impact of hearing drums at a July 4 paradewhen he was little. “The percussion section of the marching band came by,” Savage recalls, “and according to my parents, I took off running and followed the drums all the way to the end of the parade route.” That was the first...

Associate Professor of Percussion Kenwood Dennard will spend his sabbatical researching group improvisation for his upcoming book Metajam Technique. He writes for and performs with his group the Metajam All-Stars.

Professor of Ear Training Yumiko Matsuoka and her a cappella quintet Vox One performed in Kanazawa, Japan, at the “Kanazawa a Cappella Town” festival in August. 

Alumni News

by Mark Small

When you first meet David “DQ” Quiñones, you’ll immediately notice his high energy level and positive personality.

Roger Baker of Albuquerque, NM, won best recording engineer at the New Mexico Music Awards for his work with Siyeric. He performs with his wife, Rita Newport, and at Eagle Rock Studios in Albuquerque. His photographs of musical instruments are displayed at Wild about Music in Austin, TX. Visit 

Gene Nakanishi of Las Vegas, NV, is producing the third CD for Naked Fish. John Matteson, the son of jazz euphonium player Rich Matteson, is featured on the disc.