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We consider it a great privilege to present to you PULSE, the newsletter published by President's Office of Education Outreach. Twice annually, the President's Office of Education Outreach staff will provide you with an overview of our activities; ranging from very high profile projects such as Berklee City Music, to lesser known activities such as our support of city government initiatives like the Mayor's arts festival.

We would also like you to get to know our staff better, understand the roles that we play both on and off campus, introduce you to our community friends and the future student energy of Berklee College of Music, via the profiles of our City Music student participants.

In addition, there are many faculty members who work with our area on a volunteer basis, providing service to the college and in most cases, service to the community at large. Without this spirit of volunteerism, it would be impossible for us to achieve the things we have become most noted for: namely, the mentoring of Boston's inner city youth through Berklee's Music Mentoring Program, our outreach performances in support of community agencies such as Dudley Main Streets, the BSO, Fenway Civic Association and Fenway CDC and our partnership activities with Boston's Public Schools, especially the Boston Arts Academy.

Finally, this newsletter is our way of saying thanks to so many of you who continually help us with keeping our ear to the street, staying up with the beat so that community service at Berklee College of Music continues to have a strong and steady PULSE!

Yours truly,

J. Curtis Warner Jr.
Associate Vice President for Education Outreach and Executive Director Berklee City Music