Spring 2021 Student Travel Policy

Students should limit all nonessential travel throughout the spring semester and should not travel at all outside of Massachusetts. Travel within Massachusetts should be severely limited since traveling and interacting with people outside of Berklee puts the entire Berklee community at risk. 

In the event that a student needs to travel outside of Massachusetts for a personal or family emergency, the following guidelines should be followed:

Before Traveling

The student must notify studentaffairs@berklee.edu of their situation and provide details associated with their travel plans, including:

  • the date of travel;
  • the destination of travel;
  • the reason for travel;
  • on-campus residency status; and
  • the anticipated date of return.

Upon Returning to Boston

If you are traveling from a high-risk state in the U.S. or from abroad, you must fill out the Massachusetts travel form and follow the state’s quarantine protocols, or the state may fine you $500 per day. You must also follow the steps below.

Upon returning to Boston, students are required to quarantine and will not have access to campus facilities until they receive clearance from the vice president for Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion. Students will need to take the following steps in order to be cleared to leave quarantine and resume normal activities:

  • Pre-arrival negative test result: You must get a PCR-based COVID-19 test 72 hours or less before you arrive in Boston. Email proof of your negative PCR-based test to studentaffairs@berklee.edu.
  • Negative test result from Berklee's Testing Center: Students will receive guidance from the Student Affairs team about when to get tested during the quarantine period. Upon arriving back in Boston, you will need to get tested at Berklee’s Testing Center and receive a negative test result before you will be released from quarantine.  
  • Guidance for residential students: Students living in on-campus residence halls must schedule their arrival back to campus from Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. in order for testing to occur at Berklee’s Testing Center. Residential students will not be allowed to move back into their assigned building and will be temporarily moved to a designated quarantine space on campus until cleared by the vice president for Student Affairs, Diversity and Inclusion.  

Failure to comply with the guidelines outlined above could result in a disciplinary referral to the Office of Community Standards and Conflict Resolution, which could lead to disciplinary probation, suspension, loss of on-campus housing, and/or loss of rehearsal and practice space.