Summer 2021 Student Travel Policy

Students should limit all nonessential travel throughout the summer semester and should not travel at all outside of Massachusetts. Travel within Massachusetts should be limited since traveling and interacting with people outside of Berklee puts the entire Berklee community at risk.  

In the event that you need to travel outside of Massachusetts for a personal or family emergency, follow these guidelines below.

Before Traveling

You must notify of your situation and provide details associated with your travel plans, including:

  • the date of travel;
  • the destination of travel;
  • the reason for travel;
  • on-campus residency status; and
  • the anticipated date of return.

While Traveling

While you are away from campus, you must continue to follow Berklee’s health and safety protocols: 

  1. Get tested at your normal testing cadence at a testing center near wherever you are staying, and then upload your test results in the CoVerified app. If you do not maintain your testing cadence, you will be required to quarantine to reset your baseline when you return to campus.
  2. Report your symptoms daily through the CoVerified app.

Upon Returning to Boston

Berklee follows the guidelines outlined in the  the Massachusetts Travel Advisory (effective March 22, 2021). You will be cleared to return to in-person instruction, use campus facilities, and return to on-campus housing if:

  • You receive a negative Covid-19 result on a PCR test administered not more than 72 hours prior to your arrival in Massachusetts. You must upload your result in the CoVerified app and email a copy to

  • You continued to get tested at your normal testing cadence and you are fully vaccinated (i.e., fourteen days after your second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines or your single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) and do not have symptoms.

If you do not meet either of the options above, you will be required to test at Berklee upon your arrival and quarantine in your apartment or in the designated quarantine housing for on-campus students until you receive a negative test result.

Failure to comply with the guidelines outlined above could result in a disciplinary referral to the Office of Community Standards and Conflict Resolution, which could lead to disciplinary probation, suspension, loss of on-campus housing, and/or loss of rehearsal and practice space.