L.A. Plays it Forward

We all know Berklee LA is amazing, and this is our chance to show it! The goal of Play It Forward is simple: to get 5% of the LA community to show our love and support for Berklee LA by making a gift to the Berklee Fund. This is our way of coming together and showing our pride for the community we built together. Make your gift today. Let's rock this!

Give back by Playing it Forward


If you're having trouble with the form, contact Dana Pellitteri

at (617) 747-8659.

Leadership Donors

Joey Newman '98

“Berklee is where the biggest phase of my musical education happened ... It’s where I honed my musical chops and learned to feel confident in my art."

Will Wells '11

“I was the youngest of six. We had modest means, but all went to college, so even a $250 scholarship meant I could buy books that semester. A little bit of help can make a big difference.”

Gavin Lurssen '91

“My equity in the industry is in some part judged by my association with Berklee but it is also bigger than that. Berklee is making a path in music more accessible to a lot of students..."

Eve Nelson

Eve Nelson is a composer, arranger, and producer. Nelson has collaborated with broad-ranging talents like Chaka Khan, Donna Summer, Willa Ford, Eva Cassidy, and many more.



Sharon E. Aaronson ‘72

Angelica C. Aguilar ‘11

Timothy Anderson '86

Clifton Beach '02

Stuart Balcomb '74

Mara Kim Baeumlein '13

Christopher Bly '08

Damon P. Booth ‘91

James Bray ‘94

Christina L. Brehm ‘12

Trevor Bresaw '07

Timothy Brinjak '90

Vivian De Aguiar Buff '12

Luiz Augusto Buff de Souza E Silva '12

James Burt '74

Charles Carpenter '80

Evyn Charles '84

Raul Chirinos '12

Joel Clarkson '11

Douglas Clow '05

Kristen L. Cook ‘08

Derek Cournoyer '09

Kyle J. Crane ‘07

Jonathan L. Cullen ‘89

Douglas C. DeAngelis ‘88

Andrew Dixon ‘07

Martin Duarte '10

Amparo Edo Biol  '12

Georg Egloff '86

Travis L. Ference ‘06

Hughie Stone Fish  '10

Ryan Fleming '03

Joshua C. Florian ‘00

Jeremy Jonathan Fonseca ‘12

Bryant Fuhrmann '10

Joaquin Garcia '09

Eric Gardner '08

Bruce Garnitz  '76

Akhil Gopal '12

Hiroyuki Goto '01

Tiana Gustafson  '05

Peter Hastings ‘84

Alan Hoetker '06

Julie J. Hutchison ‘02

Manuel A. Jimenez ‘08

Eric Kalver '09

Zachary Kamins '12

George T. Kazakos ‘92

Ronel Kelmen '79

Adam Keshen '04

Spencer Kettrick '07

Christen Keogh '13

Ben Landis  '08

Guillermo Marin '12

Matthew J. Mariano ‘02

Vincenzo Marranca ‘12

Jonathan W. McBride ‘95

Ian T. McCulloch ‘07

Jason H. Mendelson '02

Andrew Milford '03

Daniel Negovan ‘10

Stephanie Olmanni ‘08

Jon Ong  '11

Andy K. O’Reilly ‘91

Oguz Can Ozcanli '13

James B. Pavlik ‘94

Dana Pellitteri

William Perrone ‘73

Nicholas J. Petrillo ‘10

Eliot F. Popkin ‘95

Evan L. Reiner ‘12

Isaac Richardson '12

Nathan Rightnour '09

Reynold Jeronimo Roque Tejada ‘12

Steven Saltzman ‘77

Scott Sapcariu '09

Michael A. Saul ‘77

Julia Seeholzer '12

Cheryl Lee Seow Wen ‘13

Adam Shenk '07

David Sherman '02

Kazumi Shimokawa '10

Avram Sills '90

Brian Silverman '94

Curt & Connie Sobel  '78

Erik Steigen ‘96

Igor Stolarsky '11

Joel A. Stoner ‘86

Vivien Sutyoso ‘98

Justine Taormino '06

Megan Todd  '09

Ryan Tucker '00

Brian Vibberts '91

Mary Wall '13

William Weissman '08

Gernot Wolfgang ‘89

Seth Woodard '06

Nobuyuki Yamamoto  '89

Daniel J. Yob ‘07