MTEC-111 Introduction to Music Technology: Online Test-Out

  1. If you pass this test-out, we will notify the registrar to give you two credits by exam and drop you from MTEC-111. You can then sign up for another course during the add/drop period.
  2. If you fail the test-out, you must take MTEC-111 in order to graduate.
  3. Only those students who have never taken the MTEC-111 test-out before, and have never taken and received a grade for an MTEC-111 course, are eligible to take the test-out. The test-out is on a once-a-lifetime basis for each eligible student. Only the score of the first attempt counts. All subsequent attempts will not receive scores.
  4. There are 50 questions to attempt within 50 minutes. You must get 40 correct answers to pass. Penalty marks are not deducted for wrong answers. Time starts to run when you click on the "start attempt" button. Therefore, please set aside the time all to yourself to attempt the test without interruptions.

 Each question is deemed to be answered when you click on the "next" button. Be patient and do not click "next" twice, as doing so might skip a question. You cannot return to a previous question. At the end, click on the "submit all and finish" button to submit your attempt.
 If your 50 minutes is up, the test will close and automatically submit the answers you have checked off. Test results will be verified and then confirmed by email the next day.
  5. Study material to prepare for the test-out is posted on MTEC-111 Web Notes. Please study chapters two through 12.
  6. To take the test-out, please go to this link:
    The link will be open only during the next designated test period, which is from Sunday, August 31, at 12:00 p.m. to Thursday, September 4, at 12:00 p.m.
  7. To access, you must have exercised the option to change your OnePass password at least once.
  8. Online sample questions can be found on the Core Curriculum page.
  9. If you have any questions, please email Joe Lynn at