Music Acoustics

Course chair: 
Simone Pilon
Semesters Offered: 
Fall, Spring, Summer
Required of: 
MPED and ELPD majors not taking LMSC-209
Electable by: 
Passing score on the Math Proficiency Exam, LMSC-130, or completion of college level precalculus or higher

This course is a survey of acoustical phenomena relating to music. The course includes an overview of the nature of sound waves and vibration, sound propagation and room acoustics, sound level and its measurement, the human ear and perception, and tuning systems. Course material is directed toward the contemporary musician's need to understand acoustical phenomena in various contexts, including performance, writing, and music technology applications. Note: This course may be used to fulfill the physical science requirement. For ELPD and MPED majors, LMSC-208 can be used to fulfill both the natural science requirement for degree students and the acoustics requirement in the major concentrate.