Summer Programs

Get a taste of Berklee by attending any of our summer programs. Take the summertime to go deeper into a new topic, reinforce practical skills, or get more focused training in a particular area. We offer an exciting range of opportunities to enrich your musical knowledge and networking skills. Apply Now

Art of Improvisation

This workshop is for all musicians – from classical, to pop, rock, jazz, and more – who are interested in learning the art of improvisation from the blues and jazz traditions. More Info.

Berklee Groove School

Gain an understanding of groove, style, and the functioning of the back-line, not only to be better performers, but to be better songwriters and producers, as well. More Info.

Music Technology in Performance and Production

Learn about how laptops, turntables, mobile apps, and devices are finding a place in the most current productions and performances. More Info.

Singer-Songwriter and Vocalist Program

An unparalleled opportunity to explore songwriting, vocal technique, style, and performance. Discover how to get the most out of your unique strengths. More Info.

Symphonic Band Workshops

Improve your skills as a conductor, arranger and composer and learn more repertoire with our three symphonic band workshops. More Info.

Read about the summer programs that took place in Valencia last year: