Claims Processing

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is responsible for processing your claims and answering any questions you may have on an outstanding claim or on how a claim has been paid.

Blue Cross Blue Shield providers will bill Blue Cross Blue Shield directly. The billing information is on the back of your health insurance ID card. If you receive a bill for services or need to be reimbursed, call the Member Services toll-free number on the front of your ID card for instructions on how to submit your claim.

If the treatment you received was a result of an accident, you will receive a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield asking you for information about the accident, e.g., was it the result of a car accident, from playing sports, etc. Your claim cannot be processed without this information, so respond to the letter promptly. You may also receive a letter asking you if you are covered by any other health insurance plan. It is important to respond promptly to this as well. If you do have additional health insurance, Gallagher Koster will coordinate the payment of claims with your other insurance company.

Blue Cross Blue Shield will reimburse members directly for covered services rendered by providers who do not participate in certain Blue Cross Blue Shield products and services. It will be the responsibility of the student to reimburse the non-participating provider. The payment to the student will reflect the provider's billed charge, less any applicable copayments, co-insurance, or deductibles.

To check on the status of a claim, go to and select "Member" and log in to look up a specific claim or view a list of all claims submitted.