Facts and Statistics

Average class size: 12
Student to faculty ratio: 8:1
Number of faculty: 603
Number of majors: 12
Number of minors: 19
Number of principal instruments: 29
Percentage of applicants who are admitted: 35
Amount of merit-based scholarship funds awarded annually: $35 million
Number of students considered for scholarship through the audition and interview process: all
Number of student record labels: 3
Number of internet radio channels: 5
Number of summer programs: 20
Number of international partner schools: 13
Number of alumni Grammy Awards: 239
Number of alumni Latin Grammy Awards: 75
Number of student concerts per year: 1,000
Number of student ensembles: 448
Number of performance venues: 5
Number of practice rooms: 306
Number of acoustic pianos: 275
Number of computer-based music workstations: 250
Number of ensemble/lab rooms: 63
Number of fully equipped recording studios: 13
Number of film/video scoring and editing facilities: 6
Number of electronic production and design facilities: 9
Endowment: (as of May 31, 2012) $243,450,428
Number of buildings: 21

In the Stan Getz Media Center and Library collection:

Number of recordings: 69,522
Number of streamed recordings: 28,592
Number of books: 29,743
Number of musical scores: 25,104
Number of videos/DVDs: 7,088
Number of ebooks: 5,480
Number of streamed videos: 288

All figures (except as noted) are accurate as of the 2012-2013 academic year.