Undergraduate Programs

Berklee offers a bachelor of music degree program and a four-year program leading to a professional diploma. Both programs provide you with the necessary tools to develop your musical talents to the fullest and prepare you for an enduring career in the multi-faceted and ever-changing music industry.

In the degree program, music studies are combined with liberal arts courses, affording you a broad context in which to study and pursue your musical objectives. The diploma program is devoted entirely to the study of music and is often pursued by students who already have a degree from another school. It does not include liberal arts courses required of degree candidates; therefore, the diploma program is not offered for music therapy and music education majors. If accepted to the diploma program, you can switch to the degree program while enrolled at Berklee if you meet certain academic requirements.

Berklee╩╝s artist diploma is a highly selective, two-year individualized program of study designed to provide the highest level of training for musicians who have already distinguished themselves through advanced study and/or have established a promising career in music.