Boston Conservatory at Berklee High School Composition Intensive

Boston Conservatory at Berklee High School Composition Intensive is a two-week program designed to challenge and engage students who are serious about music composition. Young composers will receive individualized lessons and coachings from acclaimed faculty and guest artists who will help them build a toolbox of techniques essential to developing a compositional voice. This includes:

  • Learning how to write quickly and effectively
  • Acquiring rehearsal techniques
  • Developing communication skills for collaborating with professional musicians and colleagues
  • Receiving feedback on revising scores

By the end of the program, each student composer will have developed a portfolio of three works that includes properly notated scores and accompanying audio recordings, performed by the program’s professional ensembles in residence. Students will leave the program with greater confidence in their skills and creativity as composers.


"High School Composition Intensive is such a fantastic experience that connects young composers with performers, something that is vital when learning how to write music. I always advocate for composers to get acquainted with instrumentalists, and Boston Conservatory's High School Composition program really achieves this."

Charles (Former High School Composition Intensive Participant; Finalist Award Winner, National Young Arts Awards)

2023 Program Information 

Program dates: July 17–29
Registration fee: $50 (non-refundable)


Housing and meals: $1,395
Payment deadline: June 1
Move in: 2023 dates coming soon
Move out:  2023 dates coming soon
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