PODCAST: Jason Lim '13

Adam Renn Olenn
January 23, 2014
Jason Lim '13 performs with the Heavy Metal Ensemble.

Originally from Falkirk, Scotland, Jason Lim ’13 is a polymath in the finest Berklee tradition. An accomplished violinist, guitarist, drummer, inventor, and recording engineer, he is equally comfortable on both sides of the sound board and soldering iron.

Lim distinguished himself at Berklee as part of the Berklee Interdisciplinary Arts Institute, where he traveled internationally under the tutelage of artistic director Neil Leonard, putting his technical and musical skills to work realizing a wide array of interdisciplinary arts projects.

He has founded a company with fellow alumnus Andrew Ikenberry ’13 to build and sell the Nebulae, their proprietary modular synthesizer, and continues to work on his own music.


Jason Lim
"Bah, Hamburg"