Student Success and Retention

The Office of Student Success is dedicated to ensuring all students have the necessary supports – inside and outside of the classroom – to fully realize their musical, academic, and personal potential at Berklee College of Music. By supporting students as they face obstacles associated with college life, the Office of Student Success assists students in making connections with Berklee. The foundational belief is that all admitted Berklee students are fully capable of realizing their musical, academic, and professional goals. We also realize that at times, students experience difficulties (academic, emotional, health-related, as well as family emergencies and other unexpected challenges) and there are many resources on campus that can help. We are committed to helping students make the most of their college experience. During individual meetings, we present students with options to help them decide how to proceed, emphasizing that sometimes a short-term change may be the long-term solution to success. 

We help all students connect with the many support services available at Berklee.

Office of Student Success

Student Support Resources