Berklee Laptop Purchase Program (BLPP)

Berklee College of Music requires all entering students to own an Apple Macintosh laptop computer that meets certain standards established by the academic and technology leadership of the college. To facilitate this requirement, the college makes exclusive arrangements to purchase computers from Apple and software from leading industry manufacturers. This volume purchasing provides a comprehensive system at a price that is well below educational pricing for these components when purchased individually.

Every academic year, Berklee strives to provide students a known, tested, and supported laptop platform for the curriculum. At times, this package may not include the latest model released by Apple. Nevertheless, Berklee must provide a proven, stable technology environment in which students can learn and faculty can teach.

For more than 50 years, Berklee College of Music has been committed to preparing our students to meet the world's musical, technological, and business necessities. We firmly believe this computer requirement and purchase program provides them with a unique resource that will maximize the potent music education available only at Berklee and will help prepare students for successful entry into the music industry.