160 Video

The new building at 160 Massachusetts Avenue is already making more great music possible at Berklee. See these videos of some of the first songs to come from the structure.


W00DY, Electronic Production and Design student Catherine Woodcock, performs "Warm Spirit" in one of 160's common dormitory spaces.


Oh, Great Intentions cranks out a high-octane performance of “My Darkest Hour,” the first of many performances in 160's new cafeteria. The band is composed of Berklee students Alec Gaston (lead vocals, guitar), Aresh Banaji (synthesizer), Austin DeVries (drums), Charlie Kendall (lead guitar, vocals), Dallas McKinney (keyboard), and John Rosenkranz (bass, vocals).


Wambura Mitaru Synergy perform “Work in Progress” on top of the 16-story tower. Mitaru, who is a dual music education and music business/management major at Berklee, is accompanied by Berklee students Ludovica Burtone (violin), Alliz Nicholas (viola), Eden Raiz (cello), and Moez Dawad (percussion).