PODCAST: Say So If You Know

Adam Renn Olenn
September 3, 2013
Lucky Diaz '97

Before alumnus Lucky Diaz ’97 founded his nationally acclaimed Family Jam Band, he wrote and performed as a singer-songwriter. Emily Herndon of May Stands Still had been covering one of his songs during her live shows, and audience pressure led her to ask Diaz’s blessing to record it.

Herndon recorded the song with alumni bassist, producer, and mix engineer Wes Switzer ’08, who then invited other Berklee alumni to add parts. He asked Scott Bauer ’07 to play guitar and keyboardist Cole Degenova ’08 to contribute when he stopped by on a tour. Switzer then sent the files to Asha Sukumar ’07, who was teaching music at an ashram in India, to add the finishing touch with her violin.

The result is a transcontinental collaboration between alumni who’ve stayed close, both personally and professionally, even as their careers have woven together and verged apart over the years.