PODCAST: The Crash Kings

Adam Renn Olenn
February 21, 2014
The Crash Kings
J. Forney

Brothers Tony and Mike Beliveau (’05 and ’04, respectively) have been jamming together since they were in diapers, and their lifelong connection is part of the secret sauce that makes the Crash Kings so infectious. Their straight-ahead rock 'n' roll pays tribute to their heroes of the '60s and '70s, but with a twist—no guitars.  

Upon leaving Berklee, the brothers attracted the notice of legendary producer and songwriter Linda Perry, who signed them to Custard Records. Under her guidance, they developed their sound using only keyboards, bass, and drums—and live-tracking almost everything—they create a hard-hitting sound that has reached No. 1 on Billboard’s alternative chart, and netted them a featured performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

After a reorganization at their parent label vaporized their promotional support, the Crash Kings took matters into their own hands with a Kickstarter campaign. They received almost 400 percent of their goal, and promptly set about touring with alumni drummer Tom Roslak ’06 in support of their sophomore album Dark of the Daylight.


The Crash Kings, "Dressed to the 9's"