PODCAST: Alissia Benveniste

Rob Hochschild
February 3, 2014

A key reason that Berklee's YouTube channel reached 2 million views last week was a series of videos highlighting student performers. One of them captured an October 2013 performance led by student bassist, vocalist, and songwriter Alissia Benveniste and her band on an original funk tune, "Let It Out," in the Berk Recital Hall. Less than four months since its release, the video—featuring Benveniste at the front and accompanied by a well-choreographed collection of instrumentalists and vocalists—has been viewed about 220,000 times.

Benveniste was born in 1991 in Geneva, Switzerland and grew up in Milan, Italy before moving to Boston at the age of 18 to study at Berklee, after earning a scholarship at the Berklee at Umbria Jazz Clinics. She has performed in a number of high-profile concerts on campus and off.

Watch the Alissia Benveniste video and others on YouTube.

Alissia Benveniste
"Let It Out"