The Jazz & Rock Schulen, Freiburg, Germany

The Jazz & Rock Schulenn Freiburg (J&RSF), one of Europe's leading private contemporary music schools, was established in 1985. Located in the beautiful Black Forest, close to Switzerland and France, the J&RSF offers a wide range of courses that draw students from across Germany and Europe.

Popular Music (B.A.), Hochschule für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik

The Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music is a four-year program. It focuses on the artistic development of the student’s preferred musical instrument, honing the student's skills through courses tailored to both individuals and to group/band interactions.

Popular Music—International Program (B.A.), Hochschule für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik

An extension of the original Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music program, the international program offers English-language courses and a cultural program, and helps foreign students find housing and handle visa issues.

International Music College Freiburg (Professional Study Program)

This three-year college-level professional music program trains students for careers as instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, arrangers, and music educators. A wide range of instruments and jazz and popular music styles are taught.

Allgemeine Musikschule (Amateur Study Program)

The J&RSF community college program is designed to offer a full spectrum of basic music courses for amateur and hobbyist musicians. The program is available for children older than 18 months and adults. Ambitious students who wish to become professional musicians receive intensive training in preparation for study at any music college.


In addition to long-term programs, the J&RSF offers a selection of workshops on weekends and during vacations. These events cater to students not able to commit themselves to classes on a regular basis. Courses range from beginner's level to highly specialized, professional-level classes. Workshops are taught by both J&RSF faculty and guest lecturers.


Jazz & Rock Schulen
Haslacher Straße. 43
D-79115 Freiburg
Phone: 49-761-368889-0
Fax: 49-761-368889-26


Reinhard Stephan, Managing Director
Bernhard Hofmann, Artistic. Director
Julia Diehm, Public Relations