Berklee International Network (BIN)

The Berklee International Network (BIN) is a shared endeavor designed to promote the effectiveness of contemporary music education among members and to advance the value of contemporary music education in the world. Berklee faculty, staff, and student ambassadors visit network member schools to conduct workshops, master classes, concerts and other special events, in addition to holding admissions auditions and interviews for our full-time and graduate programs. The BIN is there to:

  • Seek talented students to enroll in Berklee programs: summer, online, Boston, and Valencia.

  • Create opportunities for Berklee students to grow and develop their skills, through exposure to other cultures, diverse audiences, and master musicians, and develop careers with global focus.

  • Seek access to promising new musical ideas, both rich indigenous musical traditions and innovations, as sources of new musical inspiration for Berklee

  • Build the reputation and awareness of Berklee globally.

  • Tap potential for alumni support, advancement opportunities, and other productive partnerships.

Our Partners

There are currently 19 members of the Berklee International Network (BIN).

BIN 20th Anniversary SummitBIN Summits

Berklee hosts the leaders of the BIN partner institutions along with a number of other affiliates and special guests. During our intensive Summits we hold a full array of meetings, workshops, and events.

This summit is a forum for members to:

  • Share institutional goals and discuss possibilities for the BIN to collaborate.
  • Discuss Berklee's global strategies and the BIN's role in these initiatives.
  • Discuss Berklee's curriculum updates and impact on our academic partnerships.
  • Highlight recent successful educational collaborations and development initiatives that positively impact our students and global brand.

BIN Development Seminars

Berklee supports our network partners by providing opportunities for educational exchange. Biennially, faculty members from partner schools travel to Boston to take part in a one-week program that provides them with exposure to the Berklee educational environment. BIN faculty members attend seminars, clinics, and Berklee classes to get first-hand experiences that they can bring back to their classrooms.