International Programs

Berklee International Programs

Whether you are interested in Berklee or are already attending, our unparalleled music education will come to meet you all over the world, enabling you to study closer to home or to expand your horizons via immersion in any number of countries and cultures. Learn more about our programs:

Berklee International Network (BIN)

The Berklee International Network (BIN) is a partnership of academic institutions that shares Berklee’s commitment to contemporary music education around the world. The BIN creates an environment where members collaborate in programming, student/faculty exchanges, curriculum development, and Berklee auditions and interviews.

Berklee Latino

Berklee Latino is a one-week program, taught entirely in Spanish, led by artistic director and Latin Grammy-winner Javier Limón, and academic director and Latin Grammy-winner Oscar Stagnaro. Berklee Latino offers Spanish-speaking students from around the world the opportunity to learn from Berklee faculty and explore the essence of Latin music, focusing on three major areas of study: songwriting, performance, and production skills.

Berklee on the Road (BOR)

Berklee on the Road (BOR) programs provide prospective students the chance to experience elements of the Berklee curriculum. During these programs, students participate in lectures, labs, master classes, ensembles, workshops, and jam sessions during the day. In the evening, students have the opportunity to attend special events, panel discussions, and live performances.

Study Abroad in Spain

Berklee’s Study Abroad in Spain program provides students with the opportunity to become successful global music leaders and to prepare for international careers. Students will study at Berklee's international campus in Valencia, Spain. There, steeped in the rich Mediterranean culture, they can take advantage of performance and experiential learning opportunities, meet with top artists, and network within the international music industry.