Off-Campus Student Services

This optional one day orientation session is designed for students beginning their Berklee careers in Fall 2008 who will NOT be living on campus. Students will learn valuable information about apartment hunting and living in Boston. Attendees will also get a taste of Berklee's culture, hear from current students about their experiences locating safe, affordable, and convenient off campus housing, and network with fellow incoming students to potentially leave with contact information for future roommates! Questions? Call the Student Activities Center at 617 747-2560 or email Due to space limitations, please limit the number of individuals accompanying the student to OCHO.

Boston and its neighborhoods house over 75 percent of Berklee's student population. Off-Campus Student Services seeks to provide resources and materials to Berklee's non-residential students, from apartment search basics to an off-campus housing bulletin board where students can post anything from "Room Wanted" to "Temporary Housing for Rent."

Living off campus can be both exciting and a little daunting. Students can find support in friends and in the many resources available through Off-Campus Student Services and the City of Boston. Students living off campus can still be active members of the Berklee community, and Berklee encourages all students to get involved in student activities. Keep in mind that off-campus students are a representative part of the Berklee community and are expected to conduct themselves as good citizens.


Please be advised that all on on-campus housing questions and concerns should be directed to the Berklee Housing Office.

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