Housing and Auxiliary Student Services

Student housing is as much a part of the college learning process as the classroom experience. It is an exciting time of self-discovery and discovery of the world in general. Berklee students are exposed to a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and musical styles. For many students, this is their first experience with the responsibility of independence and the art of compromise that comes with living with other people.

On-Campus Housing

In spring 2014, Berklee College of Music opened the doors to its new residence hall at 160 Massachusetts Avenue.

With the addition of this new 16-story building, Berklee offers on-campus housing to: all entering students under the age of 20 (required), additional entering students who wish to live on campus, and many continuing and returning students who wish to enjoy the benefits and conveniences of on-campus living.

The 160 Massachusetts Avenue building is centrally located and features 12 floors of residence hall space; five lounges; spectacular views of the Back Bay and Fenway areas; in-house practice rooms; a stunning new dining facility that includes a stage, lighting, and sound for performances; world-class recording studios; and a fitness room.

Our residence halls located at 150 Massachusetts Avenue and 160 Massachusetts Avenue form the hub of our housing system due to their central and convenient location, the combined capacity to house nearly 800 residents, and the spectacular dining facility. Our residence halls at 98 Hemenway Street and 270 Commonwealth Avenue, both within a short walk to classrooms and campus buildings, offer an opportunity to live within a smaller community of peers in buildings located in the vibrant and picturesque Boston areas known as the Back Bay and the Fenway. All of these wi-fi enabled halls offer 24-hour security, in-house practice rooms, laundry rooms, community space, and other amenities. On-campus living, with a nine-month academic year license, avoids the need for a 12-month lease and a broker’s fee.

All residence halls are staffed with a rigorously selected, highly trained, and compassionate professional staff and student resident assistants. Our Housing and Residence Life staff works with students, faculty, and peers from across campus to build the engaged and supportive community that is a defining characteristic of our residence hall environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to our on-campus community!

Housing Policy

Entering students under the age of 20 years will be required to live on campus for their first year. Residents reaching the age of 20 years by the start of their second year will not be required to continue to live in the residence halls. Residents turning 20 during their second year will be required to remain in campus housing for the complete academic year.

Exceptions to the residency requirement are rare and occur only for a few specific reasons. An appeals board, composed of Berklee administrators from Housing, Student Affairs, and Financial Aid, will hear and render a decision on requests from residents wishing to be exempt from on-campus housing for any of the following reasons: demonstrated financial hardship; family resides locally and student requests to live at home; the student is married, in a registered domestic partnership that is recognized by the state of Massachusetts, and/or is a parent with whom one or more dependent children reside; and any other compelling reason. The appeals board will meet, as needed, at to-be-posted deadlines to decide cases in front of it. To request an exemption, please access the Residency Requirement Exemption Form, complete the form, and fax or scan it to the Housing Office by the posted deadline.

Through the returning student room selection process, students currently in housing who are applying to remain on campus are able to choose a room before entering student room assignments have been made, thereby getting “first pick” priority.

New as of Spring 2014, students currently living off campus are able to apply for on-campus housing. Depending upon the number of upper-semester students applying for on-campus housing, Berklee may set a “cap.” 

Off-Campus Student Services

Berklee strives to provide helpful resources and materials to nonresidential students, from apartment search basics to an off-campus housing bulletin board where students can post anything from "room wanted" to "temporary housing for rent."

Apartment hunting in Boston can be challenging, especially when getting started and particularly if you are far away from the city. When looking for an apartment, we recommend that you start your search online, but plan to dedicate at least a few days to actually visiting the area, making several appointments to see apartments, and doing a certain amount of walking and making phone calls. Any planning you can do beforehand will help you get the apartment you want in the neighborhood you will enjoy the most.