Career Development Center

If you are an employer seeking to recruit Berklee talent, please visit the Berklee Career Manager.

The mission of the Career Development Center (CDC) is to provide expert guidance, leading-edge resources, engaging connections, and professional development programs/events to a diverse student body for the achievement of students' music career goals.  Our overall focus is on music career management rather than a one-time job link, helping students access resources and activities available to them and applying them to their own individual career paths.

Plan Your Steps

Berklee's Career Development Center helps you to bring your career goals into focus.  You can meet with a counselor for a one on one career consultation to identify and assess your skills, locate information about specific music careers, expand and develop your career options, prepare a resume and professional cover letter(s), learn or refine interview and audition skills, and plan career development.

Find Jobs and Internships

Our Job/Gig Board hosts career and performance opportunities we receive from businesses, bands and individuals on a daily basis--in a typical semester, we post over 1,500 listings.  Jobs are grouped into categories such as full time, part time, teaching, seeking band member, internship, and live gig.

Attend Career Events

The CDC presents professional development programs/events including auditions, copmany info sessions, workshops, and networking sessions.  Topics such as self promotion and publicity, personal managers and agents, financial planning for musicians, and career options related to the various majors at Berklee.

Explore Career Resources

Career resources are available online (sign in here for access) or in our Career Development Center library.  Pick up one of the over 180 free handouts the CDC has acquired from various trade magazines related to music industry subjects, resume writing, copyright issues and more.  Browse through the more than 200 videos and 185 audio tapes that address a wide range of music career and personal topics. 

The Career Development Center

In addition, our office hosts a career work center (CDC computer lab) that is complete with Mac computers for designing resumes and flyers, updating personal websites, and researching career opportunites in the music industry.  In addition a copying machine, a fax machine, and lounge are available for all of your career pursuits.

Accelarate your career and visit our office today.


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