Berklee in Los Angeles: It's All in the Song

It’s All in the Song: Writing, Production, and the Business of Music

Announcement: Students who complete both programs, Berklee in Los Angeles: It's All in the Song and Berklee in Los Angeles: Contemporary Performance Program, will receive a $100 rebate.

What's the program like?

The Berklee in Los Angeles program will guide the aspiring musician in a variety of aspects in songwriting, stage performance, production, and the business of music. Through both individual and team efforts, students will work through the processes and techniques involved in writing, producing, and marketing a song from conception to completion. Lectures and ensemble sessions will range from song form and lyric analysis to using various tools to facilitate the creative process, including introductions to music software and the fundamental procedures of a recording studio. Berklee’s Music Business/Management Department will tie it all up by introducing you to the business tools necessary to compete in today’s ever-changing music industry.

What's the schedule?

Clinics generally will run from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., and there will be evening activities which may include concerts and open mic sessions.

  • Songwriting Production:

    Learn the craft and the art of creating and producing a song from our master teachers. Study song forms. Explore the various musical elements of melody, harmony, and rhythm. Learn how to make your lyrics work with the melody of your song.  

  • Recording Techniques:

    Students will discuss a variety of topics that will familiarize them with the basic techniques of recording and production as they apply to the needs of the songwriter. 

  • Performance Techniques:

    Vocalists and instrumentalists will develop their live performance skills, rehearsal techniques, and stage presence. Students will have the opportunity to perform for the class and receive feedback from faculty and peers.

  • Music Business:

    Berklee’s Music Business/Management Department will present classes that focus on music business for bands and artists, including strategies for getting a record deal, the business and legal issues pertaining to record companies, music licensing and copyright, contracts, music promotion, and artist management.  

  • Special Lectures:

    In the past, lecture topics have included music sequencing and notation software, lead sheet writing, audition techniques, recording, and improvisation. Students will receive information in their acceptance materials about signing up. 

  • Closing Ceremony and Scholarships:

    This concert event will end with each student receiving a certificate for completing the program. Berklee will also announce some scholarship awards for those students demonstrating exceptional talent in the program and through their live audition and interview.

Instruments and Equipment

During the course of the program, students will have the opportunity to perform their own songs. There will be rhythm section players available to assist you in the performance of your song in class and in concert. We advise that all instrumentalists except keyboardists and drummers bring their own instruments. Drummers should bring sticks and brushes. Guitar and bass amps, drums, and keyboards will be provided for performances and the performance class. Vocalists should bring a low-impedance microphone and a cord.

Optional equipment may also include a laptop computer with music notation, sequencing, and recording/production software (e.g. Finale, Sibelius, GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools, etc).

Remember to bring your songs. We advise that you put them into lead sheet format (melody, chord changes, and lyrics).  

Where will I eat and sleep?

Students are responsible for researching and booking their own lodging. There are a number of lodging options within walking distance. Students are encouraged to research these options online. Lunch will be included as part of the program. Students are responsible for their own breakfast and dinner.