Your Registration Profile

Your Registration and Check-in Profile provides you with the following important registration information:

  • Your assigned online registration time (your earliest opportunity to register for courses)
  • Matriculation term (the term you entered the college as a degree or diploma candidate)
  • Semester level
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status
  • Any restrictions that will prevent you from registering (bursar hold, etc.)
  • Your term specific Registration information, including:
    • Registration status
    • Principal instrument
    • Ensemble ratings
    • Academic program/major
    • Catalog year for this academic program
    • The anticipated completion date for your academic program 
    • Your student type code for this term (Degree program full-time = BM, Diploma program full-time = PD, Part-time degree or diploma = PT, etc.)
To access your Registration and Check-in Profile, log in to and select the “Registration and Check-in Profile Screen” link under the Registration section.