Center for Writing and English as a Second Language

The Center for Writing and English as a Second Language (ESL) helps students with written work related to courses, other academic purposes, or career development. We provide a staff of trained writing experts who have experience in academic and creative writing as well as publishing.

As a Berklee student, the Center offers you tutoring in ESL, Spanish, Japanese, French, mathematics, acoustics, statistics, and other liberal arts courses. If you are a non-English-speaking student, our unique program of peer tutoring can assist you as you complete your coursework, and can supplement foreign language classes with regular support sessions conducted in target languages. As a resource center for the Liberal Arts Department, we offer specialized assistance.

The Center for Writing and ESL is also:

  • an integral part of your coursework (at the request of professors);
  • a crucial component in helping you find success in courses that might otherwise be problematic;
  • a vital career resource that can help you develop the written materials you will need to succeed outside of Berklee; and
  • a faculty and staff resource that can help produce professional and creative writing to help faculty and staff meet their goals.

The Center for Writing and ESL’s goals include:

  • helping to improve writing skills for the Berklee community through one-on-one contact with trained writing tutors and experienced faculty members;
  • assisting the Berklee community with written assignments from any course, ESL-related work, career development writing (such as resumes and press kits), research and grant proposals, scholarship essays, applications for internships, and other kinds of writing;
  • teaching students to help themselves (we encourage students to be actively involved in sessions and in the revision process); and
  • helping students become more confident in expressing their ideas in writing.