Voice Department: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my teacher?

All teacher schedules are posted outside the Voice office (Room 3U, in the 1140 Boylston building), along with their voicemail extensions, faculty boxes, and email addresses. If a teacher is canceling classes there will be a cancellation notice posted on the class door, and cancellation info is available by calling (617) 747-8850.

Where can I leave this paper/CD/letter/project, etc. for my teacher?
Teachers have faculty boxes in the 168 Mass Ave. building. Teacher box numbers are posted there, as well as outside the Voice office. Voice faculty also have a small file inside the Voice office (Room 3U) located near the door. Teachers check these files regularly.

Where do I sign up for ensemble auditions? How do I know when I can sign up for an ensemble audition?
Ensemble auditions are handled by the ensemble office, which is located in the 150 Mass. Ave. building. Ensemble auditions are held during mid-terms and finals. A notice will be posted on the third floor a few weeks prior to sign ups. They are also posted throughout the college.

What are the Voice department requirements?
You can find the department requirements listed in the Voice department handbook.

What do I have to do for the proficiency? What are the required exercises?
All proficiency requirements are listed in the Voice department handbook.

Do we have to find our own pianists for proficiencies?
First semester students will have a pianist provided for them. All other students must bring their own accompanist, CD, or cassette. No accompanists will be provided for make-up proficiencies, regardless of the semester/level.

When/Where do I sign up for proficiencies?
Proficiency sign ups begin week nine of each semester. A link to the sign up form will be available from the links at the upper right side of this web page (and other Voice department webpages).

I'm not sure what vocal labs to take—who should I talk to?
1.You can check posted office hours to see the department faculty advisor, and/or make an appointment to speak to one of the Chairs.
2.You can go to the Counseling Center for a grid with requirements for each major.

Where should I look to find out about school show auditions?
Check the main/large bulletin board (next to Room 3M) for postings and info.

Where do I find course descriptions?
See the Course listings on the the web site. Course descriptions may also be found in the Berklee catalogs and Bulletin; check with the Berklee Registrar's office.

I think the lab/lesson I am enrolled is moving too slow. What should I do?
Go to see, or schedule an appointment with, the department chair as soon as possible.