Valencia has many different housing options for short-term and medium-term visits, everything from “do it all yourself” to “have everything done for you.”

Find Your Own Apartment

If you speak Spanish, you can have a go at renting your own apartment. The most popular websites for finding an apartment are:

Terms and conditions for rental contracts vary, so don’t forget to ask about contract length and additional costs.

Student Dorms

Many students choose a private-run student dormitory that caters specifically to their needs:

Short-Medium-Term Apartments

Valencia also has several short- to medium-term apartment services:


Finally, for quick visits, there are several hotels in the center of town or near campus:

Relocation/Student Services

Student Services Valencia is a full-service company to assist you before and during your stay in Valencia. This is a private company that is in no way associated with Berkee College of Music.

For students entering special programs, Berklee in Valencia will help you find accommodations in either dormitories or hotels, depending on the time of year and housing demand.