Global Studies Program

As globalization makes the music world smaller and more interconnected, successful music professionals need to understand how global music audiences think and operate. Identifying opportunities and new market niches in a globalized environment is critical. Music professionals must develop a thorough understanding of how the global music industry operates to ensure success.

Berklee’s exclusive global studies program provides globally minded students the opportunity to become successful global music leaders and to prepare for international careers. Students study in Valencia, Spain, at Berklee's new international campus. In Valencia, students may take advantage of performance and experiential learning opportunities, meet with top artists, and network within the international music industry. Apply Now

    The global studies program focuses especially on international music business and Mediterranean music, yet it is broad enough to appeal to all students who are interested in learning about other cultures and developing competencies necessary to become successful global music leaders. Courses are offered from across the curriculum and for a variety of majors, so that all students may find the classes they need to progress in their programs and meet their graduation requirements.

    For fall 2012, all global studies students will take two European trips:
    Paris—The Mama Event—An annual international music convention and festival held in Paris October 25–26. Students will travel to Paris to attend the conference and explore the city.
    Madrid—Students will travel to Madrid, to explore the city and its Mediterranean music scene.
    (Note: All fees for these trips are included in the Berklee in Valencia housing costs. There are no additional costs for these trips.)

    Orientation in Valencia: Tuesday-Friday, September 4-7
    Instruction Begins: Monday, September 10
    Holiday-Valencia Community Day: Tuesday, October 9
    Holiday-Spanish National Day: Friday, October 12
    Holiday-All Saint’s Day: Thursday, November 1
    Holiday-Spanish Constitution Day: Thursday, December 6
    Final Exams: Monday-Friday, December 17-21

    For questions or more information about the program, email or call 617-747-8536.


    Performance and Mediterranean Music

    Course Number
    Course Title
    ENDS-400 Directed Study Ensemble 1 By Audition
    ENMX-121 Mixed Styles Ensemble 1 Overall ensemble rating 2 and above
    ENMX-220 Mixed Styles Ensemble 1 Overall ensemble rating 4 and above
    ILRE-375 Recital Workshop for Performance Majors 1 PIXX-212 and current enrollment in RPXX-311
    PFET-P211 Advanced Rhythmic Techniques for Performers 2 Overall ensemble rating 3
    PFSS-P301 Survey of Mediterranean Music Styles 2 None
    PIXX-xxx Private Instruction 1 or 2 varies
    PSHR-321 Harmonic Considerations in Improvisation 1 2 HR-212
    PSIJ-311 Chord Scale Theory in Improvisation 2 HR-211
    RPXX-xxx Recital Preparation 2 varies

    Music Business

    Course Number
    Course Title
    MB-211 Legal Aspects of the Music Industry 2 None
    MB-287 Business Communication 2 MB-201 and either MB-255 or MB-355
    MB-341 Creative Promotion in New Media 2 MB-211, MB-325 and LSOC-225
    MB-375 Music Intermediaries: Agents, Managers, and Attorneys 2 MB-201 and MB-211
    MB-P389 Managing Technology-Driven Business 2 MB-255 or MB-355
    MB-391 Concert Promotion and Venue Management 2 MB-201, MB-211, and MB-275
    MB-P499 International Music Business Seminar 4 Waived–Required of all in Global Studies

    Core Music

    Course Number
    Course Title
    CM-211 Tonal Harmony 1 2 PW-111, or (HR-111 and either AR-111 or PW-110)
    CM-212 Tonal Harmony 2 2 CM-211
    COND-211 Conducting 1 1 ET-211 or ET-231
    COND-212 Conducting 2 1 COND-211 or COND-216
    CP-210 The Art of Counterpoint 3 AR-111, HR-112, ET-112, and CM-211
    CP-211 Tonal Counterpoint 1 2 PW-111 or HR-111 and either AR-111 or PW-110
    CP-212 Tonal Two-Part Canon and Invention 2 CP-210 or CP-211 and either CM-211 or CM-251
    CP-215 The Art of Counterpoint 2 2 CP-210
    ET-211 Ear Training 3 2 ET-112
    ET-212 Ear Training 4 2 ET-211
    HR-211 Harmony 3 2 HR-112
    HR-212 Harmony 4 2 HR-211
    LHAN-211 History of Western Music 1 2 CM-211 and CP-210 or CP-211
    LHAN-212 History of Western Music 2 2 CM-212 and CP-212

    Contemporary Writing and Production

    Course Number
    Course Title
    AR-112 Arranging 2 2 AR-111 and HR-112
    CW-261 MIDI Applications for the Writer 2 ISKB-211 (non-piano principals) and PW-161 (CWPR majors), or written approval of course chair (non-CWPR majors)
    CW-P227 Flamenco Music Composition and Arranging 2 AR-111
    PW-151 Introduction to Desktop/Digital Audio 1 2 MTEC-111
    PW-161 Technology Tools for the Writer 2 AR-111 and MTEC-111 (CWPR, FILM, PROM, and SONG majors), or written approval of course chair (other majors)
    PW-365 Orchestral Mock-Up Production 2 CW-311 (CWPR majors); FS-340, FS-341, and FS-361 (FILM majors); EP-321 (ELPD majors)

    Film Scoring

    Course Number
    Course Title
    FS-221 Introduction to Film Scoring 2 LENG-111
    FS-231 History of Film Music 2 FS-221
    FS-271 Analysis of Video Game Music Techniques 2 MTEC-111

    Liberal Arts

    Course Number
    Course Title
    LAHS-233 Art History Topics: Art in Valencia 3 LENG-111
    LENG-201 Literature: Music and Words 3 LENG-111
    LHIS-223 History Topics: History of Spanish Film 3 LENG-111
    LHUM-400 Professional Development Seminar 2 Waived–required of all in Global Studies
    LSOC-225 Principles of Economics 3 Passing score on the Math Proficiency Exam, LMSC-130, or completion of college level precalculus or higher
    LSPN-161 Spanish 1 3 None
    LSPN-262 Spanish 2 3 LSPN-161
    LSPN-363 Spanish 3 3 LSPN-262
    LSPN-464 Spanish 4 3 LSPN-363

    Music Technology

    Course Number
    Course Title
    MP-113 Accelerated Pro Tools 2 MTEC-111
    MP-114 Critical Listening Lab for Musicians 1 MTEC-111
    MP-115 Production Analysis Lab for Musicians 1 MTEC-111
    MP-P205 Recording and Mix Techniques for Musicians 2 EP-225, PW-151, PW-161, MTEC-112 OR MP-113

    *All students must register for LHUM-400 and MB-P499
    *All students must register for a full course load (12-16 credits)


    Courses are taught by notable international faculty, including current and former music industry professionals, renowned professors from leading business schools across Europe, and Berklee College of Music faculty from both the Boston and Valencia campuses.

    Allen Bargfrede: Allen Bargfrede is an entertainment and technology attorney and an assistant professor of Music Business at the Berklee College of Music. His background includes time spent at both law firms and as corporate in-house counsel, and he has experience advising music artists, record labels, managers, publishers, and producers, as well as Internet search providers and content distribution and technology companies.Allen is the co-author of the book “Music Law in the Digital Age,” published in early 2010, as well as several articles on copyright, and he speaks frequently on the subject. He serves on the Board of Trustees for the Boston Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, and holds a JD and a BA from the University of Texas and an MA from Northwestern University. Licensed to practice law in California, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Texas.

    Berklee in Valencia Faculty Larry Monroe

    Larry Monroe: Alto saxophonist/Composer Larry Monroe currently serves as Berklee College of Music’s vice president for academic affairs/Berklee Valencia. He is the founder of the Mediterranean Music Instituteat Berklee’s Valencia’s campus. Monroe first enrolled in Berklee as a student in 1962 and has since been a faculty member and chair of the Performance and Ear Training departments. In 1986 he was named Berklee’s first dean of the Professional Performance Division, where he oversaw 10 departments as well as Berklee’s concert activities. Joining with former executive vice president and vibist Gary Burton, Monroe established the Berklee on the Road program in 1985 to present clinics and performances with Berklee faculty members first in Japan and later in Spain, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Greece, Puerto Rico, and elsewhere. In 1992 he was appointed vice president for international programs and began establishing the Berklee International Network of schools of contemporary music, an organization of schools in 12 countries around the globe. After years of world travel, Monroe’s focus is now the opening of Berklee’s first international campus in Valencia, Spain.

    Victor Mendoza: Considered by critics around the world to be one of today’s finest Latin jazz artists, Mexican-born vibraphonist and composer Victor Mendoza’s career includes performances with his own group and as guest soloist around the globe. Recent presentations include guest appearances with the World Festival Orchestra under the direction of Paquito De Rivera, the Milan Svoboda Orchestra in Prague, sold-out shows at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London and in Tel Aviv, and as soloist with the Carlos Chávez Symphony Orchestra in Mexico City. Recent presentations include a solo appearance with the 85-piece Banda del Puerto in Valencia, Spain, under the direction of award-winning conductor Isidro Coll Ballesteros, as well as an upcoming guest appearance with the Granada Symphony in Spain. Previous recordings and performances with his own group, as well as with artists such as Paquito D’Rivera, Claudio Roditi and Giovanni Hidalgo have earned him the respect of critics and jazz fans around the globe. “This is Why,” one of Victor’s previous recordings, led Latin Beat Magazine to name him one of the Outstanding Latin Jazz Artists of the Year. Victor’s recording “Black Bean Blues” was named one of the best Latin jazz recordings of the year by Modern Drummer Magazine and led Jazziz Magazine to dub him “the genre’s leading vibraphone practitioner” and “one of today’s most resourceful composers.” As a Professor at the Berklee College of Music and as clinician for Yamaha and Vic Firth, Victor has earned an international reputation as a jazz educator, regularly conducting master classes at major music schools, universities and music conferences around the world.

    Berklee in Valencia Faculty David Loscos

    David Loscos: David started his career in the music industry at BMG Music Spain at the end of 1997, where he worked both as international and local Product Manager. In 2000 he joined Eresmas Interactiva – Wanadoo as World Music Channel Manager. From 2001 until 2003 he worked at MUXXIC Records, within the PRISA Media Group; first as Label Manager of WorldMUXXIC and later as Director of the Other Music Division. In 2003 he founded and managed Fireyellow, his own music company. Since then, he has been the Co-Director of the Music Industry Management Course at the Univerity Pompeu Fabra’s Institute of Continuing Education in Barcelona. And in 2006 he joined ESMUC as Professor of Music Publishing and Record Production.David has a Degree in Business Management from the University of Barcelona, and an MBA in Music Industries from the Institute of Popular Music at the University of Liverpool. H e has also completed an Executive Program in the consulting field at the University Pompeu Fabra.

    Berkee in Valencia Faculty Ventura Barba

    Ventura Barba: Ventura Barba is the Co-founder & Chairman at Tenzing Media.
 He is also the COO at Advanced Music, the organizer of Sonar (The International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art), among other events. 

Ventura worked at Yahoo! from January 2000 till 2009. Until 2002 he was the General Counsel for Yahoo! Spain and from June 2003 till June 2007 he was the Director of the Legal and Business Affairs Department of Yahoo! Music International. In June 2007 he was promoted to the role of General Manager for Yahoo! Music Europe and Canada.

Previously, Ventura worked at BMG Music Spain & Portugal, as Director of the Legal and Business Affairs Department for both the record and publishing companies. Before that, he worked as a lawyer in the Enrich Law Firm where he was head of the New Technologies and Entertainment department. He has also worked at the Spanish Authors Collecting Society (SGAE) and in the Movie Industry at the Los Angeles (CA) based company ARENAS GROUP.

Ventura has a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona and an MBA in Cultural Enterprises Management from the University of Madrid.

Ventura is co-director of the Music Industry Management Course at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona: He is also a professor on several masters on Copyright, Music and New Technology Law at the Instituto de Empresa, ICADE.

    Berklee in Valencia Faculty Polo Orti

    Polo Ortí: Polo Ortí started his musical career at a very young age. After finishing his degree in classical piano, Ortí attended Berklee College of Music, where he studied jazz composition. Throughout his musical career, Ortí has received several awards, both for his compositions and his performances. In 1991, vibraphonist Gary Burton, together with guitarist Pat Metheny and Will Lee, included three compositions by Ortí (“Quick and Running,” “Autumn,” and “Tiempos Felices”) in their album Reunion, which reached the top of the U.S. Billboard chart. Ortí has done countless performances in cities around the world (Boston, New York, L.A., Mexico City, Quito, Berlin, Oslo, Milan, Manchester, etc.) and shared the stage with international artists such as Herbie Hancock, the Yellowjackets, Tete Montoliú, the New York Voices, Eric Marienthal Band, Michel Camilo Trio, Chano Dominguez, Gary Burton, Antonio Sánchez, Scott Colley, and Julian Lage. Ortí’s studio work encompasses multiple albums, including Improvisaciones Sobre Piano (1993), Polo (1998), Suite de la Amistad (2006), and Boiling Earth (2011).

    Berklee in Valencia Faculty Enric Enrich

    Enric Enrich: Enric Enrich has been a practising lawyer in Barcelona since 1980, currently in his own firm Enrich Advocats, focused on general business practice and entertainment law. Enric is specialized in private international law, copyright and personal image rights, on which matters he lectures, writes and practices as a lawyer. Currently responsible of the Audiovisual programme within the Master Degree of IP & IT at ESADE Business School in which he teaches different subjects related to audiovisual law and personal image (intimacy) rights; teacher as well at the Diploma of Business Management in the Music Industry of the University of Barcelona, and participating expert at the Master Online of Contemporary Art of the University of Barcelona. Enric represents Spanish and foreign clients involved film and television, music, publishing, sports and media, in matters related to negotiation and drafting of contracts and conflict resolution. Former Chairman of the Copyright and Image Rights Committee of the Barcelona Bar Association, and of the Committee of Copyright and Entertainment Law of the International Bar Association (IBA). Arbitrator of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA ex AFMA).

    Berklee in Valencia Faculty Benjamin Constantini

    Benjamin Costantini: Benjamin Costantini works as a conference manager at MIDEM, the world’s biggest music market. Prior to that, in addition to managing a start-up dedicated to research management & cultural engineering, he founded in 2004 a music services company which happened to be identified in Spain as a grassroots movement for flexible copyright licenses such as Creative Commons. As a media entrepreneur, he has released a number of albums of his own work and has produced over 50 albums for a wide variety of artists, organized shows and toured internationally. Benjamin holds a Master’s Degree in Anthropology & Sociology, a Postgraduate Degree in Economy and Business Management and a Specialized Master in Cultural Management.


    Tuition and related fees for the semester in Valencia are the same as for a semester in Boston.


    All students must stay in one of the student residences affiliated with Berklee in Valencia. The residences are approximately 1/2 mile from Berklee’s Valencia Campus.

    Financial Aid & Scholarships

    Financial aid is available to eligible students during their semester in Valencia and their aid may be applied toward the total costs of the program. Upon being accepted to the program, it is recommended that students receiving financial aid meet with their Financial Aid Counselor to review their financial aid award package. Students must ensure that they fulfill all requirements necessary to maintain their financial aid before departing for the program.

    Berklee scholarships are eligible to be applied to the semester in Valencia tuition costs provided students remain in good academic standing. Scholarships are applied as tuition remission in the same manner they are applied for students studying at the Boston campus.

    Students who have received a scholarship from a source outside of Berklee should speak with a representative from the Bursar’s Office to review how the award can be applied to the cost of their program.

    Estimated Costs

    Students are responsible for all program-related costs. While in Valencia, students will incur additional costs for incidental expenses such as meals, personal items, entertainment, and independent travel. All costs are subject to change.

    Berklee Tuition: $17,725 degree, $15,282 diploma
    Berklee Comprehensive Fee: $520
    Housing: $6,300*
    Health Insurance: TBD**
    Passport Fee (if applicable): $0-$210***
    Student Visa Fee (if applicable): $0-$140****
    Round-Trip Airfare to Valencia: $700-$1,400
    Books & Materials: TBD

    * Housing cost includes fees for Paris and Madrid trips.
    ** Annual cost for Berklee’s Blue Cross Blue Shield student health insurance for 2011-2012 was $1,879. May be waived. For more information visit
    *** Passport fees are for obtaining a new US passport or renewal and vary depending on the type of service requested.
    **** Student Visa fees vary depending on country of citizenship.


    This program is open only to students currently enrolled at Berklee College of Music.

    Applicants must have:
    - Completed their 2nd semester or higher at Berklee by the program start date
    - Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
    - Good judicial and financial standing at Berklee


    To apply, applicants must submit the following materials:
    - Online Application – students must use their username and wireless pin to access the application.
    - Online Recommendation Form – from someone who has supervised your work (former or current supervisor, professor, etc.)
    *We accept applications and admit students on a rolling basis.


    Potential candidates may be contacted for an in-person interview. Applicants will be notified of the decisions via their e-mail account. Participation is contingent upon continued good academic, judicial, and financial standing in the current semester.

    Passport & Visa

    All participants must have a passport that is valid for at least six (6) months after the program’s end date. Most students will need to obtain a student visa to study in Spain. The Global Studies staff can provide guidance in applying for the passport and visa but it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to apply for and obtain them. If you do not currently have a passport, please begin looking into the process of getting one now, as it could take 4-6 weeks or longer. Accepted students will receive more information in their acceptance packet.

    For questions or more information about the program, email or call 617 747-8536.