Valencia Campus Summer Programs

The Berklee in Los Angeles It's All in the Song I - Songwriter and Performer Program

August 5-8, 2013

The Songwriter and Performer program will give you insight into song selection, musicianship, your look, and how to present yourself, all of which will help set you apart.

Classes will include Singer-Songwriter Workshop, Melody Writing, Lyric Writing, Harmony, Arranging Your Music, Creating Your Own Demo and Recordings, Stage Performance Workshop, and Vocal Techniques. The program will be held in Santa Monica, California near the heart of the leading entertainment capital of the world.

The Berklee in Los Angeles It's All in the Song II - Songwriter and Producer Program

August 12-15, 2013

The Songwriter and Producer program will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the most current songwriting and production techniques used by successful artists. You'll gain perspective on the most recent evolutions and developments in the industry and their impact on modern music making.

Classes will include Listening Like A Producer; Production Masterclass; Songwriting Analysis: Melody, Harmony, and Arranging; Electronic Production Techniques; Music Production with Ableton Live; Song Demo Production; and more. The program will be held at Village Studios, in Los Angeles.