Emerson-Berklee Music Video Summer Intensive

Iwan Baan

You’ve got great music … now what?  Join us in the heart of the music industry this summer at Emerson College’s Los Angeles campus for the Emerson-Berklee College Music Video Summer Intensive. Perfect for musicians and artists looking to create their own content, this boot camp-style program walks students through the essentials of the three phases of production: preproduction, production and postproduction. This eight-week, eight-credit, hands-on intensive culminates in a final project: a short music video for each participant.

This is a music-centric approach to visual media. It promotes creative thinking, entrepreneurial production, innovative collaborations, and live performance. Students learn about the aesthetics, and production techniques of music videos while being introduced to directors, entrepreneurs, and artists who have found success with the medium.

This collaborative coursework is offered in a unique approach to enable musicians to connect their musical knowledge to analogous concepts in visual media and to represent their music articulately and beautifully through quality, time-based moving images. 

Students will stay at Emerson's new, state-of-the-art building on Sunset Boulevard. The program's cost, which includes tuition, housing, parking, registration, and additional fees, is $11,454 (double room) or $11,954 (single room). It is limited to 12 students, who must apply for acceptance. Applications and payment must be received by April 15. 

If you are interested in the program, please complete the eligibility form. (login required)

Entrance Requirements

Students will need to be fifth-semester standing or higher but may petition for entrance if standing is lower than fifth semester. Additionally, students will need to have completed LENG-111 Writing and Communication.

What the Program Gives You

Upon successful completion of the program students will:

  1. Understand and apply core production techniques to music videos;
  2. Recognize and execute essential storytelling elements in the medium of video;
  3. Apply entrepreneurial thinking to execute creative project ideas;
  4. Apply an idea-driven approach to creating multimedia (work) art;
  5. Apply a variety of techniques and technologies to create multimedia work;
  6. Integrate theoretical knowledge and practice in an experiential setting;
  7. Communicate concepts musically, visually, technologically, orally, and in writing; and
  8. Lead as concept producer, director, and creative thinker.