Minor in Dance

The dance minor offers students the opportunity to study a range of movement forms including jazzdance, salsa, African dance, hip-hop, tap dance, and ballet, and to investigate dance as a social, cultural, and historical document, which both reflects and impacts the culture that creates it. The dance minor requires coursework in the academic study of dance, creative process, somatics, and applied coursework in specific movement genres.

Entrance Requirements

There are no entrance requirements for this minor. Students must follow the regular declaration of minor procedure as outlined in the Registration Manual. This minor is managed by the Dance Division at Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

What the Program Gives You

Upon completion of the dance minor, students will be able to:

  • synthesize dance as an art form, including knowledge about dance techniques, various dance genres, dance production, and choreographic process;
  • link the experiential knowledge gained through their work in applied classes with theoretical and historical knowledge;
  • analyze dance from both a theoretical and historical framework,  contextualize what they see, and analyze choreography and performance;
  • apply the creative process within dance, informed by study of dance improvisation, composition and/or collaborative process;
  • understand the human body in motion, informed by the study of alignment, muscular use, effort, and breath in both somatic and technique courses; and
  • apply skill in any of the movement genres offered through the minor, including jazzdance, hip-hop, ballet, tap dance, salsa and African dance.
Required Courses

Core Course (one course; 3 credits):

  • D-LT 1601: Introduction to Dance (3 credits)

Creative Process Elective: (choose one; 1 credit)

  • D-ST 1204: Dance Improvisation (1 credit)
  • D-ST 2205: Creative Process: Post-Modern Methods (1 credit)
  • D-ST 1409: Dance Composition (1 credit)

Somatics Elective (choose one; 1 credit)

Dance Genre Electives (choose five–seven classes; 5–7 credits): 

  • DANJ-111: Beginning Jazzdance Technique (1 credit)
  • DANJ-211: Intermediate Jazzdance Technique (1 credit)
  • DANA-111: African Dance (1 credit)
  • DANH-111: Beginning Hip-Hop Dance (1 credit)
  • DANH-211: Intermediate Hip-Hop Dance (1 credit)
  • DANB- 111: Beginning Ballet Technique (1 credit)
  • DANB-211: Intermediate Ballet Technique (1 credit)
  • DANS-111: Beginning Salsa Dance (1 credit)
  • DANS-211: Intermediate Salsa Dance (1 credit)
  • DANT-111: Beginning Tap Dance (1 credit)