Human Resources

Berklee's Office of Human Resources sets policies to ensure a fair and equitable workplace. The office offers sustainable investing options for retirement accounts, measures employee satisfaction, and provides wellness programs.

  • Socially Responsible Retirement Plan — Through the TIAA-CREF 403(b) retirement plan, Berklee employees can choose a Social Choice option to invest in companies that focus on environmental stewardship, community relations, corporate governance, workforce diversity, employee relations, human rights, product safety, and quality.
  • Sustainable Compensation — Berklee's pay rates afford a living wage for all of its employees.
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey — A survey is done every year to assess employee job satisfaction.
  • Employee Wellness Program — Berklee's LiveWell program offers opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to learn about wellness, participate in on-campus yoga and other classes, and take advantage of discounted gym memberships.