Berklee's dining services provider, Aramark, makes sustainability a cornerstone of their operations.

  • Trayless Dining - Aramark provides signs near the entrance encourage students to skip trays all year long.
  • Vegan Options - Aramark offers vegan alternatives at every meal.
  • Composting - Aramark contracts with Planet Police to transport food waste to composting facilities in the state.
  • Recycled Content Napkins - Aramark offers only napkins made from 100% recycled paper.
  • Reusable Mug Discount - Students who bring in their own cups receive discounts of $0.10 at Cafe 939 and Archie's.
  • Reusable-to-Go Containers - In a program debuting this summer, resident students pay a $5 deposit For a reusable container. This is the only container they may use to take food from the dining hall, and they must return it to be cleaned before taking another.