Community Impact - Planning and Outreach

Berklee recognizes that the world doesn't begin and end on its campus. In order to help create a just and sustainable society, the college must consider the local community as well as the world as a whole.


  • Coordination and Planning

    Berklee's sustainability committee is charged by the president's council with formulating a sustainability strategic plan for the college and coordinating efforts campus-wide. More

  • History Diversity and Affordability

    Sustainability and diversity go hand-in-hand. Underrepresented groups are hardest hit by environmental issues, yet often don't have the luxury to consider the full impact of their actions. Berklee offers support to these groups through the City Music program and its Office of Cultural Diversity

  • Human Resources

    Berklee's Office of Human Resources sets policies to ensure a fair and equitable workplace. The office measures employee satisfaction, provides wellness programs, and offers sustainable investing options for retirement accounts. 

  • Awards Public Engagement

    As a way of reaching out to the local community, the college's dining services contractor hosts a monthly farmers market, featuring the same local and organic food used in the cafeteria and catering services, offered at cost.