The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions on campus, buildings are a primary target for energy reduction.

  • Maintenance - Berklee's Office of Physical Plant maintains the college's buildings with environmental issues in mind. Window replacements completed in the summer of 2010 at the 270 Comm. Ave. dorm and a roof replacement still in progress at the 150 Mass. Ave. building make for tighter building envelopes and lower heating bills, as do central heating and cooling control systems. High-performance fluorescent light bulbs reduce electricity use. Green Seal certified cleaning supplies are used in all buildings. And low-flow showerheads and occupancy sensors for thermostats and lighting are currently being rolled out in the residence halls.
  • New Building Construction - Berklee's upcoming 168 Mass. Ave. building will be designed by William Rawn architects, designers of the LEED Platinum Cambridge Public Library, and will feature sustainable elements.