Wellness and Accommodations

Accessibility Resources for Students

Accommodations are available for students with disabilities. Available services may include academic accommodations, academic coaching services, and referrals to on-campus support, including adaptive technology and tutoring.

Students should submit documentation of their disability and the request for accommodation before the program start date. Accommodations cannot be arranged unless appropriate documentation is on file with Berklee.

For more information on services for students with disabilities, contact Accessibility Resources for Students at 617-747-2387 or accessibilityresources@berklee.edu.

Equity and Title IX

Berklee’s Equity Policy and Process is intended to advance our goals of inclusion, respect, and equality for all community members. The Equity Office works to enforce and uphold this policy, which prohibits and addresses sexual misconduct, discrimination, and/or harassment based on protected characteristics. This policy also responds to alleged misconduct by third parties (i.e., visitors, independent contractors, and others who are neither students nor employees) where their conduct is directed toward or otherwise affects or may affect Berklee community members. 

To File a Report

If you have experienced discrimination, identity-based harassment, or sexual violence during or prior to joining a Berklee summer program, we want to support you and ensure that you are able to fully access all of your educational opportunities. Students wishing to report an incident and/or seek support measures or accommodations may do so by:

If You Are the Subject of a Report 

If you are accused of an equity policy violation during your time at the program, you have the right to access the support and resources of our Equity Office so that you may access your educational opportunities without disruption to the extent possible. We can assist in identifying an advisor, connecting you with counseling, and other resources. We respond to allegations of equity policy violations informally or by a formal investigation, depending on the circumstances. We reserve the right to determine if a student is a threat to the Berklee community. In that instance, we may dismiss the student from the program immediately, pending further investigation. That decision is final.

Responsible Employees 

Please note that all Berklee employees, with the exception of licensed mental health clinicians who work in Berklee’s Counseling Services, are considered responsible employees. Responsible employees are required to report possible violations of the equity policy to the chief equity officer. For more information about the equity team, the Equity Policy and Process, and available support, resources, and accommodations, please visit berklee.edu/equity.

Counseling Services 

Counseling services are available to Aspire students experiencing a crisis or emergency. Services include crisis stabilization, brief follow-up care, and referral/family coordination. Ongoing counseling and therapy are not offered. 

Students in crisis or who have a mental health emergency should call Public Safety at 617-747-8888. They may also call 911 or go to a local emergency room for assistance.

Business hours for Aspire participants: Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Health Care Facilities 

Aspire participants may wish to consult with the on-campus nurse for minor ailments or injuries. Participants who experience immediate, life-threatening health concerns should go to the emergency room, or call Berklee Public Safety or 911 on any telephone. Residence life staff are available to accompany participants who reside on campus to the hospital.

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