Berklee Summer Semester

Join a community of musicians, creatives, and innovators who, like you, want to explore everything there is to music. Over one summer, you’ll connect with other students and renowned faculty through private lessons, classes, and ensembles in Berklee’s world-class facilities. You can also earn up to a full semester of college credits and transfer those credits to many other colleges.

2021 Program Information

Program length:
12 weeks
Orientation dates:
Program dates:
Age range: 16 years and older
Registration fee:
$50 *

Pay by March 15, 2021:

Pay after March 15, 2021:

Pay by March 15, 2021:


Pay after March 15, 2021:

Housing prepayment: TBD*
Comprehensive fee:
Health insurance: TBD***

Nonrefundable and nontransferable.

** Covers the cost of noncurricular facilities, programs, and services.

*** May be waived with proof of comparable insurance coverage.

Program information is subject to change.

Engaging Course Work

During the Berklee Summer Semester program, your classes will include the following:

  • Performance core courses, including:
    • Private instruction (two credits)
    • Ensemble (one credit)
  • Contemporary music core courses with studies in:
    • Ear training (two credits)
    • Harmony and arranging (three–four credits, depending on placement)
    • Integrated music technology (two credits)

World-Class Facilities

As a student in the Berklee Summer Semester program, you will have access to Berklee's many resources, including the following:

  • Practice rooms
  • Ensemble rehearsal rooms
  • Visiting artist clinics
  • Stan Getz Library and Media Center
  • Learning Center
  • Career Development Center
  • Counseling Center
  • Student Activities Center
  • Student clubs
  • Student discounts on tickets to Berklee concerts

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