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Music Performance Summer Programs

Dive into your instrumental or vocal technique, and pursue a diverse range of musical styles.

Aspire: Five-Week Music Performance Intensive

Aspire: Five-Week Music Performance Intensive

July 10–August 13

Join musicians from more than 70 countries for the summer of a lifetime in an environment sure to inspire and elevate your performances. (Age: 15+)

Berklee Summer Semester


Join other serious music students from all over the world, and get a comprehensive taste of Berklee. (Age: 16+)

Bass Workshop

Bass Workshop at Berklee

June 11–13

Become a more versatile player in this program hosted by the Berklee Bass Department and Victor Wooten. (Age: 15+)

Berklee Global Jazz Institute Workshop at the Newport Jazz Festival®

Berklee Global Jazz Institute Workshop at the Newport Jazz Festival


Study with world-renowned faculty in this full-scholarship jazz program, culminating in a performance at the Newport Jazz Festival. (Age: 15+)

Brass Workshop

Brass Workshop

June 21–25

Explore your craft with the Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee Brass departments. (Age: 15+)

Day Sessions: Music

Day Sessions: Music

Weeklong Sessions

Middle school students can explore performing arts programs in music, dance, and musical theater. (Age: 12–14)

Drums and Percussion Workshop

Drums and Percussion Workshop at Berklee

June 11–13

Explore the possibilities in a world of rhythm. (Age: 15+)

Global String Program

June 21–25

Learn from some of the world’s leading string virtuosos and educators. (Age: 15+)

Gospel Performance Program

Gospel Performance Program at Berklee

August 16–20

Open to instrumentalists or vocalists, this program allows you to become fully immersed in the tradition of gospel music. (Age: 15+)

Guitar Sessions

Berklee Guitar Sessions

August 16–20

Learn to play guitar like a professional in this comprehensive course designed to provide you with practical performance experience. (Age: 15+)

Piano/Keyboard Workshop

August 16–20

Dive into a full immersion in piano, keyboard, and Hammond organ performance. (Age: 15+)

Spain Summer Performance Program


Explore two weeks of comprehensive, world-class music performance instruction. (Age: 15+)

Vocal/Choral Intensive

July 5–18

Discover your potential as a soloist, choral singer, and ensemble singer in musical theater or classical music settings. (Age: 15–18)

Vocal Summit

Berklee Vocal Summit

June 14–18

Explore the world of contemporary vocal music in the style of your choice. (Age: 15+)

Songwriting and Composition Summer Programs

Develop and refine your writing technique through the study of rhythm, harmony, and melody as you write and create with other musicians.

Film Scoring Program in Los Angeles

Film Scoring Program in Los Angeles

August 2–6

Learn how to write for cinema, study with high-profile composers, and observe scoring recording sessions. (Age: 14+)

High School Composition Intensive

July 19–30

Develop a portfolio of works for collegiate applications, and experience your work being performed by professional ensembles. (Age: 15–18)

Songwriting Sessions in Los Angeles

Songwriting Sessions in Los Angeles

July 26–30

Take your craft to the next level with the best in the industry in Los Angeles. (Age: 14+)

Songwriting Workshop

Berklee Songwriting Workshop

June 21–25, June 28–July 2

Take your songs to the next level as you immerse yourself in the art and craft of songwriting. (Age: 15+)

Music Production Summer Programs

Explore modern ways to create, design, and produce music that can be applied in the studio, at home, or on the road. 

Electronic Music Production and Sound Design Workshop

June 21–25

Discover the future of sound design, production, and laptop performance. (Age: 15+)

Music Production Workshop

Music Production Workshop

June 25–27

Do you want to produce or engineer music? Get started by immersing yourself in Berklee’s recording studios and labs. (Age: 15+)

Dance and Theater Summer Programs

Work with faculty, coaches, and guest clinicians to perfect your technique and learn how to consistently demonstrate your art with finesse.

Commercial Dance Intensive

Commercial Dance Intensive at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee

July 12–30

Explore dance forms such as jazzdance, hip-hop, and urban, which are necessary to succeed in the entertainment industry. (Age: 15–22)

Day Sessions: Musical Theater

August 2–6

This program lets you explore the world of musical theater where everyone gets to perform. (Age: 12–14)

Musical Theater Acting Intensive

July 12–30

Delve deep into the complex art of character development with intensive studies in acting, singing, and movement. (Age: 15–25)

Musical Theater Dance Intensive

June 21–July 9

Is your dream to be a triple threat on Broadway? Engage in rigorous training in voice, acting, and dance (ballet, jazz, and theater). (Age: 15–25)

Musical Theater Workshop

Musical Theater Workshop

June 28–July 2

Do you dream of taking the stage in a Broadway musical production? Come find out what it takes. (Age: 15+)

Summer Dance Intensive

July 27–August 13

Dancers, transform your technique and ignite your artistry while expanding into modern dance and improvisation. (Age: 15–22)

Music Business Summer Programs

Engage with experienced instructors as you develop the business acumen that will help you fully realize your vision.

Creative Entrepreneurship Program

Creative Entrepreneurship Program

June 21–July 2

Hone your entrepreneurial skills and inner creativity. (Age: 15–18)

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Aspire: Five-Week Music Performance Intensive 15+ Boston, MA
Berklee Summer Semester 16+ Boston, MA
Guitar Sessions 15+ Boston, MA
Vocal Summit 15+ Boston, MA
Songwriting Workshop: Week 1 15+ Boston, MA
Songwriting Workshop: Week 2 15+ Boston, MA
Music Production Workshop 15+ Boston, MA
Day Sessions: Music Week 1 12–14 Boston, MA
Day Sessions: Music Week 2 12–14 Boston, MA
Day Sessions: Music Week 3 12–14 Boston, MA
Day Sessions: Music Week 4 12–14 Boston, MA
Musical Theater Workshop 15+ Boston, MA
Piano/Keyboard Workshop 15+ Boston, MA
Electronic Music Production and Sound Design Workshop 15+ Boston, MA
Global String Program 15+ Boston, MA
Brass Workshop 15+ Boston, MA
Bass Workshop 15+ Boston, MA
Drums and Percussion Workshop 15+ Boston, MA
Gospel Performance Program 15+ Boston, MA
Musical Theater Dance Intensive  15–25 Boston, MA
Musical Theater Acting Intensive 15–25 Boston, MA
Vocal/Choral Intensive 15–18 Boston, MA
Summer Dance Intensive 15–22 Boston, MA
Commercial Dance Intensive 15–22 Boston, MA
High School Composition Intensive 15–18 Boston, MA
Day Sessions: Musical Theater 12–14 Boston, MA
Songwriting Sessions in Los Angeles 14+ Los Angeles, CA
Film Scoring Program in Los Angeles  14+ Los Angeles, CA
Creative Entrepreneurship Program  15–18 Boston, MA
Global Jazz Workshop at the Newport Jazz Festival 15+ Newport, RI
Spain Summer Performance Program 15+ Valencia, Spain


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