Peer Education Program

Many student mentorship opportunities are available here at Berklee. First- and second-semester students can use this information to find out what services we offer that includes assistance from their peers, and later-semester students can aspire to hold these leadership positions themselves as they progress through their educational journey. 

The Berklee Peer Education Program offers the following opportunities:

Student ambassadors represent Berklee by giving a first-hand account of what it means to be a student here through sharing their experiences in formal presentations and casual conversations with prospective students and families during various events.

Peer trainers provide training opportunities to Berklee students interested in learning about the software and hardware used for music production. Peer trainers may assist students with language barriers, learning disabilities, and specialized needs in the area of music technology. Peer trainers also facilitate student experimentation of the most current technologies for music production and performance in the Stan Getz Library and the Learning Center's pilot makerspace.

Peer health educators work closely with professional staff to deliver educational events, campaigns, and activities on a variety of health issues including alcohol and drugs, sexual health, sleep/stress management, nutrition, healthy relationshops, and mental health.

Tutors help students excel in their classes by helping them better understand their course material. Tutors exist for a variety of classes, including core music, language, and major-specific courses.

New student mentors serve as ambassadors of the entering student experience. Student academic mentors work in conjunction with designated staff and faculty to serve as "supportive guides" to ensure an entering student's academic needs are met. Orientation leaders maintain a strong and consistent presence at Berklee through staffing events, engaging with students, parents, and families.

Resident assistants help facilitate interpersonal relationships and create living situations that maximize the opportunities for students to learn and grow. Resident assistants fulfill a vital role in the residence hall system by helping students integrate learning experiences gained from both inside and outside the classroom.

Peer education graphic

Download the Peer Education Program Infographic.pdf.