Traveling with Student Activities

General Travel Policy

All students are permitted to travel in association with the business of their student club(s). As representatives and ambassadors of Berklee College of Music, students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times. Drivers and passengers are expected to follow College policy and federal, state, and local laws. The Student Activities Center will not authorize or fund any international travel without prior permission granted from the Department of Risk Management.

The College may place regulations on the use of student club money for travel and expenses related to travel. Clubs planning a trip are required to consult with the Student Activities Center along with the Department of Risk Management at least four weeks in advance to prepare for travel. Off-campus travel or trips lasting more than 24 hours will also require the completion of individual waivers that must be signed and returned to the Student Activities Office within 48 hours of a trip.

All travel must be authorized in advance by the Student Activities Center, which must document the travel’s primary purpose and benefit to the College.

Student clubs may be mandated to have a duly authorized Berklee College of Music representative traveling with them in any of the following circumstances:

  1. the duration of travel is more than 24 hours, or
  2. the travel is out-of-state, or
  3. the Department of Risk Management deems it necessary.

Authorized college representatives are full‐time faculty or staff members. In some cases, duly authorized representatives may not be required after consultation with the Department of Risk Management.


Duly authorized College representatives may be provided liability protection if the use is consistent with their responsibilities. While a student club in itself cannot be an “authorized volunteer,” individual members may be classified as such if their travel meets certain criteria of this policy. The statute requires compliance with three important factors to qualify as an authorized volunteer. The individual(s) driving must in all cases be acting:

  1. at the request of the College;
  2. under the control of the College; and
  3. for the benefit of the College.

No liability protection is provided for any personal or other unauthorized use of a vehicle. Thus, even if the vehicle is being used primarily for an authorized purpose, protection does not exist for any deviations from the designated purpose or authorized destination(s). Furthermore, no such protection is afforded when any use of a vehicle involves willful and wanton behavior, such as driving recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or other substances that impair judgment.

Use of Personal Vehicles

Students are discouraged from taking personal vehicles on College‐related trips. Ideally, student clubs should work with the Student Activities Center to either:

  1. Rent the necessary vehicles for their travels, or
  2. Discuss payment and/or reimbursement for any tickets purchased for public transit (i.e. bus lines, trains, flights, etc.).

If a student club chooses to travel in personal vehicles, a travel assistance form must be completed and approved by Risk Management and the Student Activities Center.

If a student club will be traveling via personal vehicle and/or a rental vehicle, then the students who will be driving must visit the Department of Public Safety’s office in person to have their license reviewed and a background check completed.

Travel Expenses

The Student Activities Center will not authorize any funds to be used for travel without prior approval. This includes transportation, lodging, food, gas, etc. For all authorized expenditures, student club leaders must be responsible for collecting and saving all receipts from their trip, and are also responsible for turning those receipts in to the Student Activities Center within 48 hours of returning to campus.

This form needs to be filled out and completed by each student club member participating in an authorized trip, and then returned to the Student Activities Center within 48 hours of travel.