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Over 80 Berklee student clubs enrich the student experience, create a diverse community, encourage involvement, and provide opportunities for students to build valuable skills. Open to all Berklee students, these clubs organize programs, events, and meetings across campus throughout the academic year. Clubs listed here are officially recognized through the Student Activities Center.


Here's a sampling of the clubs created by and available to Berklee students. Student interests are always changing, and so is our list of clubs. To join a club, simply visit its page by clicking on the club's name and send an email to the club email address listed for the club.


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EarthStone Theater Company

The purpose of this organization is to allow students­­—who may not otherwise have an opportunity—the possibility of producing their own work. Ideally, the shows fall under more than one of the following mission statement pillars: (1) Breaking down preconceptions that certain shows need to be performed in a particular manner; (2) breaking down the idea that “theater” can only happen in spaces designated as such; (3) breaking down social barriers by using art as activism; and (4) breaking down artistic barriers by connecting new composers/writers with young actors.

Electronic Production Club (EPC)

For many years, electronic music has been becoming more and more prominent out in the world and here in Berklee. The Berklee Electronica Club is one of the most important clubs in the college because of its growth over the past years. It is a community of Berklee students from any major and background that are interested in electronic music in all its forms. The club is resourced for production skills, performance opportunities, and extracurricular networking. The club consists on: songwriting/production/sound design analysis and constructive criticism, performances, artist demonstrations, workshops, field trips, and a album release.

Check out our Facebook page for more information: Electronic Production Club

Leadership Team:

President: Stephane Lo Jacono
Vice President: Griffin Brown
Communications: Gawen Allain

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

Electronica Club Constitution.pdf


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Feminist Student Coalition

The Feminist Student Coalition is a social justice oriented club at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee that was created by and for the students of these institutions.

The FSC’s purpose is to engage, support, defend, and educate our community about the social, philosophical, political, and practical theories of intersectionality. In other words, we seek to cultivate a community that is inclusive, interdisciplinary, and dedicated to working, dialoguing, and learning together about intersectional feminism. Our goal is to provide the space, resources, and events that are necessary for students to become more empowered, informed, and actively aware within their conscious efforts to advocate on behalf of social justice issues here and elsewhere. Moreover, The Feminist Student Coalition is simply and passionately an organized club that is committed to promoting the welfare of the individual and collective needs of the The Boston Conservatory at Berklee’s student population. 



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Film Scoring Network

The Film Scoring Network (FSN) is a collection of students from Berklee College of Music who share an interest in film music and sound design and have come together to learn from each other and make a presence in the film community. We also connect our organization with television, film, and media departments at other universities nationwide to offer a two-way learning experience by composing music or sound for student projects that want original scores.

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

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Flute Society

The Flute Society at Berklee will unite and serve as a voice for the flute community at Berklee College of Music. We will help players with things such as proficiency tests, recitals and any flute related issues to promote the growth of players’ abilities and musicality. Also, the society will serve as a networking tool by inviting guest speakers and professional flute players to help with technical and professional aspects of flute playing. We will also collaborate with other departments such as the Film Scoring department to create a database of flute players for composers to use in their recording sessions.

Find us on Twitter (@BerkleeFlute) and Facebook!

Leadership Team:

Gabriela Gomez Estevez
Katherine Neunhoffer  
Ye Almer
 Anggie Obin

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

Flute Society at Berklee - Constitution .pdf


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Harry Potter Soundtrack Orchestra

• To arrange and perform music from the Soundtrack of the Harry Potter series.

• To give our members who are Film Scoring majors the opportunity to deepen their understanding of film music and film orchestration by making arrangements and studying the music from this soundtrack.

• To provide a venue for our members who are fans of the soundtrack of the Harry Potter movies to perform music they love and share it with the rest of the Berklee community.

Leadership Team:

Gabriela Gomez Estevez
Mona Seyed-Bolorforosh

Fall 2015 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

HPSO Constitution copy.pdf

Watch the club perform "Hedwig's Theme":

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iiv Games and Stuff

The purpose of iiv Games and Stuff is to provide an environment wherein its members may experience any and all forms of multi-person competitive and non-competitive games, including and not limited to such broadly defined categories as role-playing, board games, card games, dice games, war games and miniature simulations. The Gaming Club will help find fans of particular games or systems to organize with other such fans.

Check out our Facebook group for more information: iiV Games and Stuff

Leadership Team:

Jeff Millonig

Sheila Solomon

Fall 2015 Club Meeting Time/Location:

  • Thursdays, Room 103, 7 Haviland, 8:00-11:00 p.m.

iiv Games Constitution.pdf

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Improv Club

A club dedicated to teaching improv skills to students. They also have the performing troupe, Popular Neanderthals.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

A Christian-based organization providing students with a space to explore their spirituality and engage in religious dialogue.

Jewish Student Organization

We help unite the Jewish student community at Berklee through meetings, programs, events, and networking throughout the year.

Check out our Facebook page for more information!: Jewish Student Organization

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

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