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Over 80 Berklee student clubs enrich the student experience, create a diverse community, encourage involvement, and provide opportunities for students to build valuable skills. Open to all Berklee students, these clubs organize programs, events, and meetings across campus throughout the academic year. Clubs listed here are officially recognized through the Student Activities Center.


Here's a sampling of the clubs created by and available to Berklee students. Student interests are always changing, and so is our list of clubs. To join a club, simply visit its page by clicking on the club's name and send an email to the club email address listed for the club.


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Kinesthetic Flow

Kinesthetic Flow will provide Berklee students with an opportunity to learn different styles of dance, such as belly dance, poi dance, Latin dances, and more, in a positive environment as well as connect with their inner self and creative spirit in dance improvisation.  The goal is to create a community, teach dance technique to those who are interested in learning, increase connection between mind and body, learn the importance of the connection between dance and music, have a space where people can take learned techniques and combine it with their own style so that they can improvise freely.  Dance also has other benefits such as exercise, fun, stress relief, building friendships, outlet for non-verbal expression, increased memory functioning with learning choreography, and more! The club leaders have a lot experience in their own dance styles and many students have voiced an interest in learning - therefore, we want to teach them specific techniques related to different styles of dance, but also provide a space and time for them to dance in whatever way their body feels natural.

Check out our Facebook page for more information!: Kinesthetic Flow

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

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Latin American Music Business Association

The Latin American Music & Business Association is a student organization at Berklee College of Music. Our focus is to showcase Latin music and culture at the college and to learn about the latin music business in both Latin America and in the US.

Check out our Facebook group for more information: LAMBA

Leadership Team:

Dylan Del Olmo, President  
Andrea Diaz, Vice President

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location:

  • TBD



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Law & Management Group

The purpose of the Law & Management Group is to promote the Entertainment Law and Artist Management professions and utilize their relationship in the music industry. This will be achieved by fostering the importance of knowledge and practical application, thus encouraging interaction among students and other affiliated parties within the music industry.

Check out our Facebook page for more information!: Law & Management Group

Leadership Team:

Edward Panek
 Juan Carlos Cardenas
 Summer Whittaker
Alexander Stewart
 Kristin Corpuz

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

Music Law and Management Club Constitution.pdf

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Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon is an apparel brand run by college students across the country on a mission to give a hat to every child battling cancer in America. Love Your Melon product sales fund superhero adventures for children battling cancer, cancer research and support for the families of children battling cancer.

If you're interested in being a part of Love Your Melon at Berklee, please take a minute to fill out our New Member Survey!

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location:

  • Thursdays in Rm 185, 150 Mass Ave, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

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Maestri: Berklee's Italian Club

Create a sense of community and reference point for any Italian student at Berklee College of Music. To foster a welcoming, sharing space for anyone who is enthusiastic about Italian music and culture. To provide further help in the adjustment process of new students entering Berklee College of Music.

Find us on social media!: SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter (@MaestriBerklee)!

Leadership Team:

Gaia Leone
Alissa G. Faratro
Claudio Magrassi

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

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Marching Percussion Club

Our purpose is to provide to students the opportunity to experience performing in a marching percussion ensemble.

Check out our Facebook page for more information!: Berklee Marching Percussion

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Mariachi Club

To practice the art of mariachi and to give individuals  an avenue by which they can interact with and better understand this culture.

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

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Mexican Student Association

The mission of the Mexican Student Association is to serve its members in the following ways:

1. Encourage communication and collaboration across the Mexican community throughout the University.

2. Recognize issues and concerns affecting the Mexican community and provide ways and means of addressing those issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

3. Organize events that will bring the Mexican Student Association community together for professional and academic development, as well as social enjoyment.

4. Mexican Student community and  Berklee alumni from Mexico.

5. Support the implementation of projects by the Mexican Student Association members and affiliates that can further the development of Mexico.

6. Promote Mexican culture in Berklee and the Boston Area.

7. Promote collaborative efforts among HUMAS, Club Harvard de Mexico, and any other Mexican club around the Boston Area.

Fall 2015 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD


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Music Business Club (MEISA)

The Berklee Music Business Club is comprised of students who are working towards successful careers in the music industry. During our weekly meetings, we discuss current events and controversial issues in the constantly evolving music industry. We also take 20-30 students to New York City each semester to meet with high-profile individuals and music companies to learn how we can turn our passions into careers. Other activities include visiting local music companies such as the Echo Nest and Nimbit and hosting guest speakers who offer advice on making the best out of a Berklee education in pursuit of a fruitful career. The Music Business Club is the perfect environment for you to learn about the industry, discover new areas of interest, make friends, and find people to work with!

Find us on social media!: Facebook, Instagram (@berkleemusicbusinessclub)

Leadership Team:

Matt Mannino, President
Daniel Hines, Vice President
Tara Chopra, Secretary
Katie O'Leary, Treasurer

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location:

  • Thursdays in Rm 204, 22 Fenway, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Music Business Club Constitution.pdf

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Music Production Network

The Music Production Network provides students with an environment where they can share creative production ideas and techniques with each other and from more experienced producers through online interviews and visiting guest speakers.

The meetings will host discussions about intermediary to advanced production techniques, with no limitation in regards to music styles. Among the topics of discussion will be aspects of music analysis, gear, and life as a music producer. The intention is to go towards a more creative approach of production techniques, taking time to analyze other producers’ works,  and giving emphasis to arranging, mixing choices, instrumental and vocal recordings.

Find us on social media!: Facebook, Twitter

Leadership Team:

Nikhil Singh
 Lukas Selig
Blake Adelman

Fall 2016 Club Meeting Time/Location: TBD

Constitution_MusicProductionNetwork copy.pdf

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