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Over 80 Berklee student clubs enrich the student experience, create a diverse community, encourage involvement, and provide opportunities for students to build valuable skills. Open to all Berklee students, these clubs organize programs, events, and meetings across campus throughout the academic year. Clubs listed here are officially recognized through the Student Activities Center.


Here's a sampling of the clubs created by and available to Berklee students. Student interests are always changing, and so is our list of clubs. To join a club, simply visit its page by clicking on the club's name and send an email to the club email address listed for the club.


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Berklee Vinotinto

The purpose of this group is to bring together the Venezuelan community at Berklee, as well as to share the culture of Venezuela through meetings, events and concerts. The main objective is to generate interest in Venezuelan music, traditions as well as to develop the relationship between the Venezuelan community and the Berklee community, opening its doors to people of all nationalities with an interest in Venezuelan music and traditions.

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Black Student Union

The Black Student Union At Berklee is a support system for all Berklee students, especially those of African decent. Our purpose and mission is to unite, educate, and empower each other through a community of love, a political and social awareness, and a celebration of African-American culture.

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British Musicians Club

This group is for all British nationals from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales who are attending Berklee. It's aim is to build community with in Berklee and to connect with other British alumni around the world.

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B.U.G.L.E. is Berklee's official student-run LGBTQ(etc.) club. We exist as a support network to those who consider themselves part of or an ally to LGBTQ culture. We meet weekly and conduct informal meetings discussing issues facing the LGBTQ community, relevant news articles, and events that may have come up in our lives that we want to share. In addition, we form our own group of passionate friends, united in a common cause of LGBTQ awareness and support as we work against isolation.

We are not just limited to Berklee students, and we encourage anyone interested in our club to visit us or email us! Allies are welcome!

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Fall 2014 Club Meeting Time/Location: Mondays, 6:00-8:00pm in 7 Haviland, room 203.


Erich Riepen (President)

Sam Meyer (Vice President)

Arthur Chen (Treasurer)

Kira Helper (Social Media Manager)

Molly Sauer (LGBT Causes Chair)

Jordin Dearinger (Advertising Assistant)

Emerson Hawthorne (Fundraising Chair)


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Canciones Para El Mundo

To celebrate and promote songwriting in Spanish language primarily but also opening the discussion to songs in other languages. Our activities will include things like analyzing songs, getting to know new artists, co-writing and co-producing, help each other by critiquing our compositions, inviting guest speakers and talking about relevant topics of the music industry.

Canciones para el mundo Club CONSTITUTION.pdf

Fall 2014 Club Meeting Time/Location: Thursdays, Room 183, 150 Mass Ave, 7.00-9.00 pm.


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Catholic Community at Berklee

The Catholic Community at Berklee College of Music is a student-run organization on campus that exists in order to draw students into an intimate relationship with God through His Church on earth by providing educational and spiritual resources, access to the Sacraments, and opportunities for service and community, rooted in prayer and love.

Fall 2014 Club Meeting Time/Location: Tuesdays, Room 302, 136 Mass Ave, 8.00-10.00 pm.

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Chromatic Harmonica Club

We hope to showBerklee's students what a beautiful instrument Chromatic Harmonica is. All the possibilities that this instrument has and the different techniques to play it.

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Come learn and unite around Colombian culture!

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Computer Science Club

To promote interest in, to stimulate study and research of, and to explore career options in computer science (with special regard given to audio).

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