Major Bundles

All students who declare and enter a major in any of three technology-focused departments (singularly or in conjunction with another major), are required to purchase a major bundle and to own a laptop computer that meets the standards of the college. Unlike the licensed software that is part of the Berklee laptop requirement, major bundle components are purchased and owned by participating students, who are responsible for registering the software in a timely manner, saving any receipts and other documentation, securing additional insurance should they choose, and otherwise maintaining their own relationships with the manufacturers of all bundle items.

The three majors included in the major bundle program are contemporary writing and production (CWP), electronic production and design (EPD), and film scoring.

  • Students who believe they should be exempted from the major bundle purchase program must get approval from the chair of their department prior to the start of classes for the semester.
  • There is no option to substitute, change, or delete components in any major bundle and there are no refunds once a major bundle is purchased and received.

Payment and acquistion 

  • All students who become eligible for a major bundle are billed for their bundle along with all other college charges. Your account balance at the college must be cleared prior to getting your bundle. Questions that arise as to bundle eligibility should be directed to the respective academic department office.
  • Contemporary writing and production (CWP) and film scoring students should come to the Student Computer Support Center (SCSC) between Tuesday, September 8, 2015 and Friday, September 11, 2015. You must present your Berklee ID to pick up any physical components in your bundle. If you have not picked up your bundle by the end of the pickup period, you risk the loss of your bundle, as bundle components will not be held for pickup indefinitely.
  • Electronic production and design (EPD) students may request their bundle by completing this form: EPD Major Bundle Request Form (all components in this bundle are delivered electronically).
  • Most items in the bundles are downloadable installers available directly from the manufacturers or from Berklee Self-Service. You will be sent an email with instructions and your individual registration codes. It is very important that you complete any necessary product registration and product authorizations in a reasonable time. Berklee cannot be responsible for any issues due to failure to install or authorize your bundle components in a timely fashion.
  • Support for major bundles is available from the SCSC. Stop by or set up an appointment.