Technology Requirements for Entering Students

As an entering student, Berklee requires you to own an Apple Macintosh laptop computer that meets the standards established by the academic and technology leadership of the college. In addition, you must purchase the Entering Student Software Package, which includes several leading music technology applications in use at the college and in the music industry at large.

Berklee makes exclusive arrangements to purchase items from leading industry manufacturers and passes this value along to you. Because your suite of software is offered as a package, you must purchase the full package even if you already own some of the software included in it; for this reason, please refrain from purchasing music software in anticipation of attending Berklee.

Requirements: Your Tools for Success

To succeed as a Berklee student and in your career, you need the right tools. At Berklee, we make sure that you have them, which is why we require the following:

Entering Student Software Package (required for all)

and one of the following two options:

Purchase a Laptop from Berklee*Bring Your Own Laptop*Purchase option available on the Boston campus only. Students who will spend their first year abroad in Spain are required to bring their own laptop.

Technology Recommendations: Protecting and Supplementing Your Tools