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In this video, you'll hear about the Berklee Performance Division's plan to deliver our comprehensive music curriculum in an engaging online environment for fall 2020.

Letter from the Chair

Dear String Principals,

The string faculty and I are excited to welcome you to Berklee in just a few weeks. These are unprecedented times, but for the past forty-two years, Berklee strings have defied precedents and forged bold new pathways and careers.  

I couldn’t be prouder of the ways our students and faculty composed, arranged, produced, recorded, and improvised our way through the spring. They exceeded all expectations and redefined what is possible for Berklee ensembles, labs, and lessons. When Berklee leadership cited examples of best practices across the college, more often than not, strings were present. Thank you for your flexibility, commitment, and passion.

Though we can never replace the experience of making music together in the same space, we can prepare ourselves for the essential skills of tomorrow’s string players. As the summer progressed, I continued to marvel as students recorded, produced, taught, blogged, livestreamed their performances, guested on podcasts, used their music in therapeutic situations, furthered their education at various festivals and summer programs, and exercised their rights to free speech.

This fall, the Performance Division is embarking on a focus of “Healing Our World Through Music.” As a department we will be embracing this focus through our mission with our ensembles, as well as contributing to cross-departmental collaborations focused on building purpose into our artistry and careers. We also are planning some clinics featuring special guest artists who live that ethos with their art and their work!

These are difficult times. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or our faculty for advising, assistance, and help. Please make full use of Berklee’s counseling services, as maintaining mental wellness is critical for success in the coming months. If you are grappling with financial difficulties, please seek help from Berklee’s Student Emergency Fund. Please be advised that Berklee needs you to fill out the CSS Profile to be considered for all available resources, including the Thrive Scholarship.

For students still unsure about whether to enroll part-time, full-time, or defer, please contact me, and I’d be happy to advise. This scholarship proration calculator is helpful for students unsure of how part-time enrollment would impact financial aid.

Okay, everyone, let’s do this!

Doc Wallace
Chair, String Department

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